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James Chopper

Ex Chief Of Internal Affairs
Oct 25, 2021
1. Name irl: Joseph Cooper
2. Age: 18
3. Time zone: GMT
4. Playtime: 16:15pm-1:30am
5. Average playtime: 8 hours
6. Discord: deadly.#9542
7. Nickname: James Chopper
8. ID: 70718
9. I would like to be a state curator

1. I would like to become an admin so I can keep in check if people are following server rules and to make sure nobody is breaking said rules and I would like to see people enjoying the server as they play on it, I want to see how people enjoy the server and to see if people are having problems with some small things in the server that I can help with, I would also like to become a god so I can help people if help is needed in a situation.

2. My strengths are usually communication since I am a very vocal person and that I’m good at helping people, I’m also quite opinionated about some situations, I never take a persons side unless I have had evidence of what has happened, I don’t have a problem with people so it is much easier to communicate with others, I can help people to the best of my abilities and will do so if needed.

3. My weaknesses are that I have some problems with working in groups of 10+ people. I cannot listen to everyone at once and it will confuse me on where I stand, if I stand with one person or the other person

4. Yes

5. Yes, although I don’t own a business

6. Lack of internet until the 18th
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Bobby Pluxury

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 18, 2021

We do not need admins with the Specifics that you have Provided, and Gain More experience in the server and then you can apply for Admin in the future.​
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