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Justin Froster

Aug 29, 2021
1.Your Name : Vatsal Mishra
2.Your Age : 19
3.Time Zone : GMT +5:30
4.Avarage Online / per Day : 8 to 10 hrs
5.Discord : π™Žπ™π™π™„π™†π™€π™ β€’ SΓ‘ΓŽPÈR#0561
6.IC Name : Justin Smith
7.IC ID : 41543

Additional Information:-
1. Leader Of Marabunta Grande
2. Reasons Why do i want to become leader:-
a) So to start with i have been in gangs for a long period of time and most of this was spent in Marabunta, So after taking so much experience and having been in 4 diffrent leaders and seen what they did right and what they did wrong i believe that i can put all my knowledge and be the best Leader ever.
b) I Also been in legal orgs, almost all and i am currently high command in LSPD, So i know how the other side works on this basis also can guide my gang in situations where legals are involved because i know how they think and operate.
c) I Have been in High command position in many Gangs, Famlies so i know how things work and how to lead and guide a good team, if i get the chance to be leader of Marabunta Grande i assure you that i will be the best leader ever.
3. Your advices for improving RolePlay level in organization.
For Improving RP i will make sure that my gang members do not do anything that is against server rules and most importantly i will make sure that my gang members do not mix and and always stay and play as a IC Character, i will interact alot with my gang members and so will my high commands do guiding them at every step, So that everything they do is Right. Attending and doing normal gang events will be my priority but doing other fun events will also be considered by me so that gang member will love to stay in my Gang!

I Hope I Will Get Accepted And Marabunta Will Get The Best Leader Ever.. ❀❀

Thanks For Reading My Application.

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