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Sayani Roy

Bhaskar Bose
Nov 5, 2021
1. Your name IRL-Sayanhya
2. Your age-17
3. Time zone-GMT +5:30
4. Average online per day - 5-6Hours
5. Your Discord-Sinior#1036
6. Your Nickname-Bob Gunner
7. Your ID-11445
Additional Information
1. Why do I want to become admin
-I have been in city for 3 months now and played both sides illegal and legal participated in several events. And Now I want to try something new and help others in the city and ensure they are following server rules, RP is going on and make sure they are enjoying server

2.) What are my strengths
-My communications skills with other people are good, and I speak fluent English and Hindi. This will help me quickly solve situations with the players to avoid missing out on RP action!
-I am against favouritism and am fair to all people no matter who they are or where they are from.
-I am also good at time management.

3.) My weakness are
-Sometimes I'm too nice to the other person leading me to be more easily persuaded in some situations.
-If I know the opposition is wrong and they argue with me, I get annoyed and frustrated a lot.

4. Will you be ready to leave RP life to become an admin?
-Yes, I am ready to leave RP life.

5. Will you be ready to sell your business? (It's restricted to have a business while you are an admin)
-I do not own any business to sell

Bobby Pluxury

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 18, 2021

Wrong Format For applying, and gain more Experience in the server before applying for admin.
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