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Rejected PowerHouse Family Unofficial Organization

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Leader of unofficial org
Mar 6, 2022
Power House Family


Family Name: Power House
Family Onwer: Rickey Light (ID 69091)
Family House Number: 245
Family onwers discord: morningthunder#4694
Family onwers forms:

About us


Setp 25 Four Days before the big crash in the market. We were doing fine as a family we all were doing are own things I was working as an construction worker my brother was doing investments, some of my cousins worked with me in construction we were doing good making good money getting by at least.

Setp 30 one day after the big crash. We went to go into work that day we just thought it was gonna be other bad Tuesday but because of the crash in the market we all lost our jobs that day. Because the company stocks went down so low all the money they had was now gone, everyone's money was gone. We needed money we had bills to pay and with out a job we knew what we had to do a few years before this we sold weed for a while for some guy in all green so we had to give him a call and with what ever money we had we picked up our first bag. it took a while to make any profits so we Decided to put our time into other things, we bought a bulk order for a lot of guns and business was going good we were getting rich but we still worked for the man.

Feb 2. We decided instead of working for someone lets work for our self's so we did what we did with what we had to get the money and we got our self a bunker now producing the product our self's. we were making a killing so we invested our money into getting a store so which would be used to clean our dity money, then since we own a store as well we decided to take it to the other side for the business world to become an entrepreneur family.

Family goals:
* To become top ten of the family rankings
* To own at least lots of family businesses
* To get respected by other organizations and unofficial organization
* To go to all the events to try to win

Dress code:
is the black and yellow panther top

Family Rules:
No hacks of any kind, punishment you will he reported and black listed from the family permanently
3. No stealing from the family warehouse armory car trucks or anything, punishment reported to gods 60 day server ban and black listed from the family
4. Must obey @Power Leader @Power Founder at all times. Punishment death
5. Must take part of the division you have chosen to join witch mean you must do the minimum requirements that your @Power Captain requires you to do, punishment kick from the division and possibly the family
6. Must play the minimum amount of hour's your role request you to do, punishment kick from family
7. Each family member will receive earnings on a weekly/daily basis to get paid you must screenshot every event you go to and post it in the family-event. If you're in a division you will receive a % of the earnings you made but you must fill out all the information needed will be explained more when you're given your role
8. If you're not in a gang do not enter ghetto alone you must have HC permission, punishment warning
9. If you fail to put the money in the family balance you get from selling whatever or doing whatever for the family, punishment reported and black listed
10. No sharing information with anyone out side of the family, punishment you will be black listed and made fun of
11. Illegal should never mix with legal side of the family they are to be kept apart

Family Ranks:

1. Knight they are newbies can drive
2. Prince If they play over 10 hours. cant do much
3. Kings can join families battles
4. Gangster can manage influence points
5. Mobster has to make sure everyone has guns for events
6. Big Dog can start raids on houses and drive any car
7. Mob Boss is HC also can do anything but he has to make sure that the were house is closed or open
8. Shot Caller is HC and also must make sure we have guns and bullets
9. Deputy Leader is in charge of making sure that our businesses are making money and that we are not going to lose them\
10. Founder is the boss
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