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Ileana Fox

West Mafia
Nov 22, 2021
1. Naman Bajaj
2. 21
3. +5:30 (IST)
4. Mostly from 16:00-21:00
5. 4-6 hours on weekdays. 6-10 on weekends
6. Namann#4618
7. Ileana Fox
8. 87999
9. Crime

1. I want to become an admin because I feel the city needs more people to ensure all the players are enjoying quality RP and if they feel any sort of issues/ problem in their RP, I want to be available within seconds to solve them.

2. a) Leadership - I like to take charge of things and make sure I am benefiting the team even if it affects me negatively
b) Punctuality- I make sure that I am able to complete anything and everything assigned to me on time.
c) Aptitude- A quick learner. Takes me 10-15 minutes to understand and grasp new concepts and lessons.
d) Tolerating situations without panicking or raging.- I manage to stay chill and relaxed in every situation
e) Multi tasking- Well, right now I am also working on a college assignment while writing this application..
f) Great Communication Skills- I have this ability to make everybody feel comfortable around me and am usually the Icebreaker of the group.

3. I can not say no to people if they ask for a favor or help. I end up taking their task to help and eventually pile myself up with responsibility

4. Yes

5. Yes

6. Studies are the only thing which are preventing me from being active
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Bobby Pluxury

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 18, 2021
your Application for Admin was Approved
Interview will be Tomorrow, Friday 11/3/2022 at 17 Server Time.​
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