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Webby Spanking

Aug 15, 2021
Family Name: Slaughter Gang
Family Owner: Webby Vuitton - 53236
Family House Number: 270
Family Owner Forums Profile Link:
Family Owner Discord ID and Tag: Webby#1078


Slaughter Gang which originally came from Ottawa, Canada, is a tight-knit group of likeminded members who had previous criminal records and were a part of other major gangs like Vagos & Bloods.
Slaughter Gang was the leading family in Los Santos Vagos, which lead the Vagos to major success and which was also a good starting point for Slaughter Gang.

Branching out to Los Santos, members of the Slaughter Gang are all tied with the same goal, which is being the leading organisation in the crime scene.
With a lot of past experiences as leading members of criminal organisations, main vision of Slaughter Gang is conquering bussinesses trough gang activities and work, as most members are known criminals and aren't bussinessman, the idea of conquering businesses as a family would not only bring us together, but also increase our status and control within the city. Even tho the organisation is named Slaughter Gang, a name that would tie homicide and agression being the main goal, the organisation has a shared interest of not harming the innocent, and making sure that people who harm innocent get punished, which makes the organisation more unique than the other criminal organisations.

The color of Slaughter Gang members is GRAY which is a mixture of black & white which could be described as good & evil. Gray color respresents balance and neutrality, as well as being a formal, conservative and sophisitcated color, it describes the state of a gang, being a criminal organisation (evil) but also not harming the innocent (good), acting as the Robin Hoods of the modern day society.

The most important factor of this organisation is Loyalty.
All Slaughter Gang members consider that Loyalty is above everything else, as the group moved trough different gangs as a unit and worked together into making success in the same gangs. After deciding to branch out into a more known loyal criminal organisation, the high command of Slaughter Gang started recruiting skilled shooters who had the same goal as the gang itself, become a more dangerous gang over time, rivaling all the big dogs.
Moving into Los Santos, Slaughter Gang is an underdog organisation which is yet to show the passion and earn the respect on the streets as a criminal organisation. Main goals of the organisations are:

acquiring businesses
dealing firearms, ammunition & drugs
recruiting likeminded people
respecting the decisions of members of the gang, but also everyone outside of the gang
promoting the good side of a criminal organisation, following rules and protocols but also doing the dirty work

Head of the organisation, experienced and well trained in many previous gangs with excellent leadership skill and work.
The second-in-command of the organisation, consisting of 4 members who agree on the same vision and goals as the leader.
The 4 members are a part of the voting system in the organisation where everything is decided trough the 5 leading members.
Most loyal members of the organisation. These people would control the bussinesses and the atmosphere of the gang.

The next 5 ranks are built the same way the Nine Trey Gangsters ranked their members. Ranging from 5 Star General to 1 Star General, these ranks are the carriers of loyalty and respect across the entire family, earned with hard work.
Shotcaller (5 Star General)
Hitman (4 Star General)
Shooter (3 Star General)
Hustler (2 Star General)
Runner (1 Star General)

Rookie & Grinder
Ranks for members who willingy requested to join the organisation, yet to be proven useful and loyal. As only the chosen people are invited into the gang, last two ranks are considered as tryout ranks, which are given to people who weren't chosen, but consider themselves worthy.

Family outfit:

Thanks for your time.
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