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Approved Penguin Syndicate Unofficial Transfer

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Pepe Silvia

Mar 10, 2022
Family Name: Penguin Syndicate
Family House Number: 725
Family Leader: Pepe Silvia | 109061
Family Leader’s ID: 109061
Family Leader’s Discord: dylux#2751
Family Founders: Vick Vinegar, Stacy Popins, Skooma Moonsugar

History of the family:​

Vick, Skooma, and Stacy have one goal in Los Santos: Having a better life and be well known between the citizens. They were each born into different types of families in different areas of the world.

The president and leader of the family hailed all the way from Ireland and left a bigger family/gang to form his own. As he settled into Sandy Shores he met two other like minded people that he thought would be a good fit for a small-time crime family.

Skooma was the book keeper for a very extensive and extreme family as well as Stacy was their Operations manager.

These were very trying times however due to the fact that all of them defected from their gang and were constantly being hunted by their old leaders.

So the three started recruiting and found out that there were so many people with the same ideas and stance on the law. The family grew much larger over the next few weeks.

Times passed and the family grew and evolved. A new era led many of the family members into various legal organizations and the day to day operations and leadership of the family was passed on to a new vanguard.


To become one of the most well known families.

Maintain the family businesses and ever-growing profits

Obtain the most amount of respect, territory and of course revenue.

Business Model/Family Operations:

Perform robberies and heists amongst family events.

Selling weapons and other illegal goods on the black market.

Tending to our multiple gardens and solar plantation.

Robbing and taking people hostage in all areas possible.

Putting the fear of God into all that oppose us.

Code of Conduct:​

Respect every member.

Must maintain body cam footage for up to 72 Hours

Members must be active when we call for events and family meeting.

Help one another when needed.

Do not interfere with other members business.

Never break the rules of the city at any time.

Don't arrange fights with other families, unless you have permission from High Command.

Never steal cars or weapons from family.

Dress Code:​


Family Ranks:​

Emperor Penguin​

Director of the family

Master Chiefs​

Advisory role to the President and High Command. Responsible for the handling of businesses, and all money related goals within the family

King Penguin​

Responsible for organizing events, settling family matters, and other family related tasks

Little Penguin​

A veteran of the family events and looking to further advance their responsibility in the family. Can help by actively looking for new members for the family, inviting them within the org and teaching them our family code and laws.

Staff Sergeant​

Member of the family in charge of combat training when needed, In charge of presidents guard duty, and arranging escorts. The one in charge during robberies, anything family related and running jobs within the family.


Trooper in training, to learn the rules and strategies of robberies, events, training, etc., anything family related and running jobs within the family.


A proven veteran of the family. Able to step in and help out the new members and can be relied on by the high command.

Meat Shield​

Fully recruited new member of the family. Should look to help out however they can, learn by following and show their commitment to get promoted.


Prospective new penguin family member
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