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Ken ElChavo

Oct 21, 2021

Family Name: Brothers Crew

Founder: Ken ElChavo | ID 80742

House Number: 521

Family Owner Forum Profile Link: Ken ElChavo

Family Owner Discord: Cân#4220

Family Story:

Ken ElChavo was born on June 26, 1971 in Bogotá, Colombia

Ken ElChavo, who was born in Bogotá from a Colombian family and has lived in Germany for a long time, says that he is a tourist. After he was defrauded of the service of an auto company he founded with a former family member in 1990 and separated from his partner, he was involved in many crimes by forming an illegal organization. Two men of Ken ElChavo, who appeared before the prosecutor for the murder of a smuggler family member in Colombia in 1997 and were released, have been sentenced to life in prison for the same case.

Ken ElChavo, who had been wanted for seven months for threats, forcible detention, manslaughter and similar crimes, was brought to los santos from colombia on August 19, 1998 with the notification that he would surrender. In September 1998, a lawsuit was filed against Ken ElChavo and his men with a request for up to 7.5 years in prison. He was released on May 24, 1999, when he was tried for gang-building along with 12 other defendants. He spent eight months and 29 days in prison. On March 12, 2005, he was arrested by the los santos smuggling and Organized Crime Branch during Operation Butterfly and was arrested on the 9th of los santos. On January 31, 2007, the case was decided in the High Criminal Court and sentenced to 14 years, 5 months and 10 days in prison.


Family Uniform: Dark Black, Light Black

Family Rules:

Be respectful to your brothers!

Wear family uniform at every family event!

Dont be racist!

Be helpful to your brothers!

Follow city rules!

Family Goal:

Our goal is be most trusted family in city.

We are loyal and respectful who is showing respect to us.

We aiming to be successful in all events.

Family Ranks:

1 – Newcomer:
New members in trial

2 – Inactive: Not being online in one week

3 – Member: Accepted member by family members

4 – Trusted: Verified member by high ranks

5 – Turfer: Attending to every family events

6 – ElChavo: Verified member by Boss

7 – Mercenary: Manager for supplies and events

8 – Manager: Deputy Commander

9 – Captain: High Commander

10 – Boss: Founder of The Family

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Furkan Levis

Nov 7, 2021
Good luck to my Brothers, hope we can do it and more in the future. Go Brothers Crew <3
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