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Rejected Monkey Squad Unofficial Organization Application

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Joseph Monkey

Mar 11, 2022
Family Name: Monkey Squad
Family Owner: Joseph Monkey 57713
Family House: 586
Family Owner Forums Link: Joseph Monkey
Family Owner discord tag: king nosy#4200
Monkey Squad is a group of individuals who are very close to each other. We make sure to respect all of our fellow members, with all of our members respecting us back. We are a group of like-minded gangsters as most people in Monkey Squad are in gangs.
Monkey Squad is a big part of the bloods gang, which is leading the bloods to numerous victories in events such as Cland, Battleship, etc.
Members in Monkey Squad are all tied with the same mindset, which is becoming the best family when doing crime.
Monkey Squad has lots of experience when it comes to gangs and crime as many of our members used to be deputies or high commands in gangs.
Although most of our members are not businessmen we still find a way to come together and make loads of money.
Color: The color of Monkey Squad members is red which is a mix between red and white which could be as bloodthirsty just by seeing our clothes.
The most important factors in our organization is Loyalty, and friendships.
All Monkey Squad members are experienced with Lots of Loyalty and all of us have friendships with one another in Monkey Squad
Our High Commands make sure to find these qualities before inviting our new members.
Our organization consists of some of the best shooters as our high commands focus on skill rather than numbers.
I feel that inviting everyone you see may work sometimes, but making sure that members have these qualities is an important factor when inviting members to a family.
Our main goals in Monkey Squad is to:
acquiring businesses
dealing with firearms, ammunition, and drugs.
recruiting members that follow our qualities we look for
respecting the members in our gang, but also everybody outside of the gang
Monkey Owner: Leader of the organization, experienced and well trained in many previous families/gangs with excellent leadership.
Monkey Deputy: The second-in-command of the organization, which includes 4 members who are likeminded with the same vision and goals of the leader
The next 8 ranks are built the same way as bloods is
Monkey Leader: A high command in the organization who has the same vision as us, but is not quite experienced as the higher ups.
Monkey Runner: A high command in the organization who focuses on running events and making sure we have good numbers and good strategies for the event ensuring the win.
El Monkey: A high command in the organization who focuses on inviting new members to the organization while making sure they fit the qualities for the family. Sometimes giving coaching to some of the newer members who are newer in the city and do not fully understand what to do in the city.

The next 5 ranks are some of the new less determined members who most likely recently joined the family and have not reached their full potential when it comes to the family
Monkey Boss: This rank is for members that have helped us with events, not necessarily in creating strategies for the event, but mainly for following the strategies. These members are close to becoming high-command which means they sometimes can create strategies for events if there is no high command at the event (which is a very rare occurrence and is highly unlikely to happen)
Monkey Turfer: This rank is for members who have passed the application for becoming a turfer. This rank gives permission to drive most cars in the family garage and also allows members to participate in spheres of influence battles. This is only available for this rank and over as other members may not be fully qualified for joining the turf team as high commands make sure to promote only the most qualified members to our turf team which is why it has been successful as we reached top 3 when it came to spheres of influence.
Monkey Warrior: This rank is given out to members who have shown some dedication to the organization such as when they come to events. They are the members who follow the strategies made by higher command and are provided with firearms and ammunition if they can not afford it.
Monkey Soldier: This rank is given out to members who have pulled up to some events but not many yet. High command still has not seen their full potential and many people with this rank recently joined the organization
Monkey Recruit: This is the rank members start off with, meaning that we have not seen much potential with members with this rank. Many members with this rank are new to the family and trying to see what the organization is like before becoming committed to the organization.

Our family outfit: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/938670809084461136/951645539945033768/unknown.png
Our family logo: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...136/951646292239585280/monkey_200x200_200.png
Thank you for your time.
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