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Kyle Longg

Oct 23, 2021
1. Your name IRL - Kyle
2. Your age - 18
3. Time zone - GMT (Server Time)
4. Average online per day- 5-8 Hours, could do more if needed.
5. Your Discord - kyleisham#0827
6. Your Nickname - Kyle Brokerz

7. Your ID - 66712
Additional information

1. Leader of... - Vagos Gang

The reason I want to lead the Organization "Vagos" is because I feel like I have the leading experience IC & OOC, and have the ability to Improve the RP and greatness of "Marabunta". I feel like I would pick and choose the right people to make sure rule breaks become RARE and the people outside & inside the gang improve their experience on the server. I would also make sure the gang will not be biased ranks will be EARNED and given if you are working hard, giving people a motive to RP with people go to events and more. Overall the gang activity will skyrocket.

I also feel like I have the maturity to run the organization due to things that have happened OOC & IC. Being a leader means you have to show an example of what to do when to do it and have to help people improve on their mistakes and make them lookup to you, a irresponsible leader is not a good leader, and I am willing to show my dedication to the ORG and my time and effort.

Another reason why I would like to lead this organization is due to the fact that gangs recently have been put down being called "dead" and many more things I would like to show the people that gangs are on top and will continue to stay on top, I would do this by making sure we always have people in the city I would focus on collecting deputy's depending on the time zone EG: Having 2 EU deputy's & 2 NA deputy's, making sure there's always someone to lead and make sure no one is making mistakes.

My advice on improving RP is to never take things OOC unless its forced by an administrator and make sure there's no need to pause RP for little things that can be sorted IC meaning RP will almost always be taken place and almost never be taken OOC improving the experience of the players & stopping rule breaks.

4. My Main 4 Goals for the Gang will be:
- Become a terrorist Organisation
- Increase the number of people that turn up to events
- Host fun and Enjoyable events for everyone to enjoy
- Increase Gang Activity on the highway and in the Ghetto
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