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Damon Perd

Jan 30, 2022
1. Name IRL: Damon Roos.
2. Your Age: Age 17 IRL.
3. Time Zone: South African Standard Time.
4. Average online: 8-10 Hours a day.
5. Discord Name: [ズKING♛]Plague#5475
6. Nickname: Damon Perd
7. ID: 68422

Why i want to be a admin?
* I want to become a admin to give players better experence. Helping admins to get rid of players making the game unimpossible to enjoy. Helping admins to make this project to grow even more.

What are your strengths?
* I can handle players and don't lose my temper, i know what to see what right and what wrong.

What are your greatest weaknesses?
* I'm a Person that still in training under College where i can be online for 8-10 hours only a day. I am a good guy and i have sometime a way of seen things that should be my way be i can be corrected if im wrong at the time.

Will you be ready to leave RP life to become an admin?
* Ofcourse, Im ready to life the RP life, start helping players around the city be awesome in my job doing as admin.

Will you be ready to sell your business?
* I'm willing to sell my business to join admin retiring from the city.

Souls Mattheww

Souls Mattheww- GOD
Sep 24, 2021
This is not going to get accepted it is wrong section and now they are not looking for new admins.
Not open for further replies.
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