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Controlaa Sixteen

May 8, 2021
1. Your name: RasanVermin
2. Your age: 16
3. Time zone: gmt
4. Average online per day: 4-5 hours
5. Your Discord: Controlaa Lopez#8697
6. Your Nickname: Controlaa lopez
7. Your ID: 4762

1.Leader Of Vagos

2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with explanation)​

Firstly - i have so many exprince in Legal org or Illegal iam joined 3time lspd 2time gov 2 time ng 1 time sahp
so iam a deputy in all gang

Second -Since my first day in city I have been involved with gangs. I have lived and died in ghetto, my utter dedication towards illegal organzation has taught me illegal RP and I have also understood the terms and rules of the city in a proper way. I, in the most generous way believe that I am perfectly fit for the leadership role of Ballas Gang.
Third - Iam Trying my best also we gonna be an active gang 1.King Of Ghetto 2. Best Of Turfing 3. Best Of Clandstine 4. Perfect Graffiti Team ........

3. Your advice for improving RolePlay level in organization-​

I have personally noticed that Gangs has eventually become all about Turfs and less about Clands/Ghetto Fights/and robberies.

I would advice all the organizations to indulge more into RP, I have personally noticed how no gang ever tries to hit NGs Ammo run or encashment as well. I would want to mantain good terms with the other organization leaders and do such events where LEOs stands as a strong pillar. To make things short, I simply want to improve the relation Illegal Org leaders have among each other. I want to promote collaboration among the gangs to instigate more dominance in the city..

I hope my application reaches the curator in good health. Looking forward to hear from you guys.
Not open for further replies.
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