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Mar 7, 2022


Dec 4, 2021
Hello Mazhor. I wanted to clarify some things from my last unban appeal. I made the account by the ID of 9379 back in late 2021. I have been banned before for general rule 1.4 because I accidentally changed my social club account, maybe that is the problem. I don't know how this whole situation happened with the stuff like my main account I play on for around 8 hours a day every day being my friend's twink account. I'm going to tell you all that happened again. My friend Suki Yuruzu didn't have his own profile that owned Grand Theft Auto V to be able to play Grand RP. He had one of his other friend's Epic Games account with Grand Theft Auto V licensed. Suki and his friend (one that owned the Epic Games account he used) got into a fight and his friend changed the password of the Epic Games account so he didn't have an account to play Grand RP. He asked me if I had spare Epic Games accounts with GTA V and I said I do and I gave him an account I never used. I have couple of Epic Games accounts with GTA V because when GTA V was free on Epic Games I made couple of accounts. When he logged into Grand RP he had my main profile's e-mail. I have never given any of my Grand RP account details to anyone, not even my friends which I know in real life that also play Grand RP. I know I made a big mistake because I knew I could also get into some trouble and potentialy get banned. I shouldn't given Epic Games account to my friend. Please forgive me, I did not want to do anything bad. I'm deeply sorry for what I have done, all I want is to come back to the server and play with my friends again and have fun.
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