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Dec 2, 2021

Family name - Scn Fam
Family owner - David Ebrahim (ID 42873)
Family house number - 1060
Family owners discord - David Ebrahim#9290
Family owners forum - David Ebrahim

-- About Us --

Me and my brothers were raised in Colombia. We all had a good time together in the family, and I was the eldest brother. Our mom and dad had a partnership business in Los Santos and they usually visit Los Santos for business purpose, when we were kids our parents died in an accident while their trip to Los Santos, and We got adopted by our earlier age, and we got to our separate ways. Several years have passed we all got our separate ways, We haven’t met each other since decade. I moved to Los Santos looking to polish my career, and decided to join the LSPD, I was actually doing a great job as a LSPD officer and several days of hard work, and finally got promotion as a higher up officer. It was very good to be part of LSPD. I decided to visit my parents old partnership business organization in the city.
I was really astonished that they was working in such huge organization. As days passed I was eager to know about my parents contribution to this partnership organization. I met with an old age staff in the organization who have been working there for years. His name was Antonio, in order to ask him about my parents I had to create a strong bond with him. Antonia was the operation head of the organization and finally when the day arrived I addressed him myself and also about my parents without any secrecy. Antonio was stunned, when he heard that I was son of his former business partners. When my parents was working in the business Antonio was a clerk and he had a great bond with my parents, he told me everything about my parents contribution to the business, and i came to know that my parents had a huge share in the business. Antonio told me that my parents accident was a planned murder done by the MD of the business in order to get all shares. Antonio was scared to report this to the LSPD because his life was threatened, as time passes Antonio told me every unwholesome background of the business and the managing director.
I learned every truth about the organization MD. I finally decided to take revenge for this and thus I decided to find all my brothers, as an LSPD officer it was a piece of cake for me to find my brothers, they all were working in corners of Los Santos. I told them everything about the corruption and cruelty of the MD in the business organization, even my brothers were raged because of our parents murder. In order to get revenge we need a strong bonds and connections. Thus we all united together in Los Santos, vine wood hills and decided to unite our family as diverse as possible to become strong in the city. Finally we decide to form a new family organization called “SCN FAM”. Now we are seeking for the moment to strike back...

New Ranking System:

Founder :-
Founder of family have an ability to manage everything.

Co-Founder :- They are also founders of the family permissions are equivalent to founder and the top of all other ranks below so there decision is final if founder is available or not.

Captain :- They are the primary family leader recruited by Co-Founder or founder .They have the top priority of leading family activates.

Major :- members who have this rank is recommended by Captain and Approved by Founders they can also help Captain to lead Family Activates or lead family events by the absence of Captains.

Lieutenant :- They are also like co leaders they can help Higher-Ups to leading family activities and able to conduct small family events.

Coordinator :- They are the helping hand of Lieutenants and a mediator between members and higher-ups.

Explorer :- Top of the Basic rank that can do most of the basic things with family.

Engager :- This is the least rank that given by a part of promotion by reviewing there involvement with family events.

Survivor :- The next rank to the member by checking they know basic rules .

Beginner :- This is the first rank assigned to new members of family permissions are very limited.

-- Family Dress Code --


Family Rules:
Respect every members of the family as we don't tolerate hatred.
* A member must came to protect if another member have any kind of trouble.
*Do not embarrass our family.
* Always wear your uniform during family activities.
* Be loyal to members of the family.
*Every members must be active any events done by family otherwise they will be kicked.


- One of our primary goal is make our family on top.
- To make our family to get known and respected by other citizens.
Controlling the spheres on influence and taking over all business in the city.
- To become a major weapon dealers in the city
- To make our family members to familiar with guns and how to use it like a professional shooters.
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