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Feb 20, 2022

  1. 0oK8nIQ.png

    Family Name: AYTEK
    Family Head: Faruk Aytek
    Family House Number: 266
    Leader Discord:Karınca#4966
    Family Leaders Forum Link: FarukAytek
    Family Founders: Faruk Aytek(66107), Bugra Caglar(66295)

  2. Background Story :
    Faruk Aytek born in Azerbaijan as an orphan. His family was executed back in 1990 in Sicily. In his youth, his dreams were very simple, a caring wife, family and a honorable job. He was not chasing fame, he would use his last name when required. For him, everything was related to the excitement of street games, chase, hunt and kill. Besides honor and pride, Faruk Aytek has done a lot of research and decided to start "AYTEK" family. His father "Bugra Caglar" and uncle "Abdulcabbar Vurdurmaz" had a lot of impact on how he decides. AYTEK family has been founded on finding the balance between, crime, job, family, violation, friendship and justice. Arda Edwards, Kesra Bahrami, Ozan Kaya, Epha FA and Cihan Aytek are not only his family members, they are his companions and gang. These are the people Faruk Aytek goes to the wars, fights with, and if necessary, to death. Faruk Aytek, likes gambling, raiding, robbing when it is for running the family business. Aytek family, which dealt with farming at first, aims to run crime organizations, with the help of people who are sick of cruelty of gangs and big families. The core of the formation is related to blood relation. The leader is the one who is the oldest. The family has a ranking system. Bureaucracy is clearly described.

  3. Rules:
    - Don't show up with the cops.
    - Be accessible.
    - Always respect the city and family rules
    - Respect assignments.
    - Attend all family activities

  4. Main Goals:
    - Entering the top 10 in the ranking
    - Owning many personal and family businesses to grow the family's economy
    - Being a highly respected and exemplary family
    - Establish authority over many regions

  5. Ranking system:

    Associate: A new recruit that is learning about the city and family.

    Troop: The "troop" class, which is now considered a part of the family. Soldiers are kind of like bouncers. They perform tasks and know some family secrets. They usually form groups of 10-12 and are controlled by the chiefs.

    Chief: They are responsible to help villagers and nomads making sure they are following the rules of the family

    Chairman: Orders to chief and regulates business wars.

    Master Chief: Regulates both business wars, and family issues. Orders to chiefs.

    Karo: They work as queens for the underboss, takes order from underboss and operates.

    Underboss: A loyal helper to the boss, who executes daily family tasks, businesses and operates the rest of the team.

    Boss: The leader of the family.

  6. Family Outfit:
    Nagazaki sweat
    Any pants

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Bobby Pluxury

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 18, 2021

Family was Removed on 12/3/22 You can Reapply on 19/3/22 after 1 week of Removal​
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