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Hanness AGP

Jul 27, 2021
Family name: Block 6
Family Owner: Hannes agp 244
Family house number: 546
Family Owner Forum profile link: Hanness AGP
Family owner discord: hanneso#1111

Block 6 called our older brothers when we were little and now it is in our hands to take over Block 6, It is located in a small town in London not so many inhabitants but why they started calling themselves Block 6 was because they made songs and were criminals and they wrote it in their songs, where they wrote their reality and image of life. They engaged in arms smuggling to London from different countries. They hung out every day and were like a family. Made criminal acts together. Therefore, they added 6 because there were 6 people that were in this together from the start of this family. Now we have the responsibility to fully follow the business and multiply the family ties and bread wardrobe in different countries. They made mistakes but learned from what we have experienced. The business they managed meant that you get involved in many risks that you have to take. The family later assumed that we would reproduce, then we tried to take part in the chance to try to reproduce in Los Santos where everything happens. Since we are a large family, with people from all over the world it would be to our advantage to create new bonds and relationships around the world and see the opportunity in Los Santos. Now it is in our hands to steer the family in the right direction and multiply us. When we take over, we will guarantee that we will go to every event when we are in the city, especially to have fun with our family. When we do different events and play at the same time, we will have fun and it will never be boring again because we will have so much fun with this family that we will build, and to see it grow tells me only one thing. Block 6 on top

Family Goals
To own farms and businesses.
Become one of the most feared and respected families in the city.
To be at least top 10 in the ranking system
Win family war.

Show respect for all members
Treat everyone as your own brothers
Listen to higher ups
No racism or bullying
Have fun

1 - Runner - new invites till the family
2 - Shotta- You starting to getting to know the things in the family
3 - O.G -SHowing up to the events, and leading events when not the higher ups are there
4 - Elder- deputy/ underboss leading the family when the boss is not there. and trusted by the leader
5 - Boss -The leader of the family

Family outfit:

Fam logo:

Xavier Escuela

Jun 26, 2021
I Accept your unofficial ORG bio thank you for applying,
enjoy and don't break any server rules, and don't go against the server scripts.
you will be given unofficial status within 24 hours in-game and discord
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