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Badi Ekrem

Leader of unofficial org
Dec 15, 2021

Family Logo Link​


Family Name : PHOENIX​

Family Owner : Obrigado Phoenix ( ID : 94488 )​

Family House Number : 263​

Family Leader Discord : Obrigado#2312​

Family Leader Forum Link : FurkanYuzkat​

Our History​

I am Obrigado Phoenix, born in Azerbaijan. I am the eldest of 5 sons of mothers and fathers who devoted their lives to trade. My father and mother live in Los Santos in all kinds of nature... It is because of these jobs, they are extremely busy because of gangsters. Serdar Phoenix, Vefa Phoenix, Phoenix, and Chaner Queokern are moving forward with the production. After struggling with our dream since a childhood, the National Guards failed to pass the trainings I was deciding in the future and only I was able to attend. Every great performer Los Santosun was able to provide something but still Chanokern said he found the gang members who killed our parents and we had to get stubborn. I was a government soldier, I couldn't get involved in this illegal business, and it was my childhood dream to have to get my parents out of Homeland Security to get them. We have established our family with the surname PHOENIX, which we now have with our brothers. This is going to be the person to be the goal so we try to join our side to join really loyal and successful assassins. Before this lawsuit, our mother and father's business continues, and then our father's profession continues. Apply for jobs again, like a phoenix reborn from its ashes.

Family Rules​

1- All family members must abide by city rules.
2- All family members must always be respectful towards other people in the city.
3- Any family member can be racist or humiliate people.
4- All family members should assemble when the rulers call.
5- All family members must wear family clothes at events and raids.
6- Any family member can purchase weapons or armor without the knowledge of the administrators, otherwise they will be blacklisted.


Buying as many personal and family businesses as possible and getting into the top 10 families on the server.
Being one of the important families dealing with the commercial business of the city.
We aim to be one of the families that everyone wants to take as an example and join.

Rank List​

1- Çaylak ( Noob ) : A new member of our family is called.
2- Kalfa ( Headworker ) : The member who has been in our family for 1 week is called.
3- Tecrübeli ( Experienced ) : Awarded to people who have been in our family for a long time and have been successful at events.
4- Yetkili ( Official ) : It is given to those who help the new members of the family and report the problems to the managers.
5- Yönetici ( Manager ) : In the absence of the boss in the family, he is the person responsible for everything.
6- Patron ( Boss ) : Family owned

Family Dress Link​

Family Dress

Bobby Pluxury

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 18, 2021
I accept your unofficial ORG bio thank you for applying,
enjoy and don't break any server rules, and don't go against the server scripts.
you will be given unofficial status within 24-48 hours in-game and discord|
Make sure to read to Rules for Unofficial ORG's IMPORTANT - Rules and Requirements For applying For Unofficial Family.
I will be checking on the family weekly, make sure to gain more active members in the family.​
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