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Bill Dior

May 9, 2021
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Date of birth: 06/22/1997
Nationality: Fijian
Place of Birth: United States
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas / Rockford Hills, South Mo Milton Dr
Parents: Unknown
Height and weight: 6'2 / 175
Body Type: Fit
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Facial hair: None
Citizenship: American
Personality: Laid-back, Goofy, Brave, Hard-working, Ambitious
Hobbies: Working out, Gun training

Bill Israel grew up in an orphanage home with three other kids he called his brothers. Bill's early life wasn't the best due to him being raised in the ghetto. Bill was a high school dropout and devoted most of his time in the streets. Bill started with selling dime bags on the corner until he can meet some more connections in the streets to find other ways to bring in revenue. Bill spent most of his time with his four brothers, one in particular Sle Azy, which he spent most of his time with. They were known as the dynamic duo, they went on to join a gang for protection and access to weapons which they sold around the ghetto. Bill went on to make millions doing illegal work until him and Sle Azy met someone that gave them a chance to turn their life around. Omar Camarata, currently the Minister of Homeland Security and Defense showed Bill that there is a better way to live and make money. Bill took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hide from his past and to become a Secret Service agent. Bill worked alongside his brother Sle Azy to climb the ranks of becoming the United States Secret Service Special Agent. After Bill was suspended by his superior for an unknown reason, He got in contact with some of his old friends that still live in the ghetto to make some money. After being reinstated by the acting governor Bill remains undercover when doing his illegal work while devoting his time to defending the capitol and serving Nova Grey.


1: Able to fight against three people at once, due to his secret service training.
2. Able to pick weapons and ammo off the ground to protect himself in life-threatening situations.
3. Keeps his gun in his hand at all times to protect himself.
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