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Vagos | Slaughter Gang
May 21, 2021
Name: Austin Highlife
Gender: Male
Age: 22
DOB: 5/19/1999
Nationality: Canadian
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: Ontario
Residence: Los Santos, Del Perro Fwy
Parents; Mother: Ashley Highlife Father: Jason Highlife
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170 lb
Body type: Fit Slim
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark Brown with Lighter brown overtones

Austin Highlife. A young man that has endured many obstacles, trauma and unfairness at a young age to survive. Having lived in the ghetto with his father who was a retired veteran, an idol to Austin when he was younger but sooner than later his father would suffer from PTSD and other mental illness leading to abusive and toxic behaviour causing a lot of trauma and suffering/misery for Austin especially seeing as his mother had died when giving birth to him; his father was the only family he had. Eventually to get away from it all, Austin would sneak out to meet acquaintances and some who he considered friends leading him to partake in anything mischievous . Friends and Austin eventually vandalized a specific car one day that would change the direction of his life entirely. While sprinting away from the scene, the group quickly ran into an alley way just a block down the street. All huffing and puffing, they looked around and realized what they had done and couldn't believe they had gotten away. They started to celebrated but it wasn't too much sooner after that they ended up learning the hard way who the owner of that car he vandalized was. In a gruesome quick 5 seconds, Austin watched as all of his friends drop one by one quickly after a short bang of a rifle. Being only one left and wondering why he wasn't shot so quickly like the others, he looks upwards to the man with the rifle and stared into the barrel. That man offered him to make a decision. You can choose life or death, instinctively Austin blurted out "LIFE!". The man seemed hesitant at first to accept his decision but eventually, he flipped the rifle around and knocked Austin out. Eventually he is awake and quickly notices the man beside the bed where he was resting, this man told him that Austin will be working for him. Learning many things on the street and to follow his orders and only the mans order. This man eventually revealed that he was the head of a Mafia. Austin's first few years were nerve wrecking, seeing gang shoot outs, robberies, bodies on the floor almost daily. Austin found himself desensitized from it all and soon he would be involved in many similar situations like the ones that have befolded before his eyes, winding himself in prison for a few years at the age of 18.

After Austin was released, he was quick to start a new life and ventured off to Los Santos City leaving the Mafia and horrific moments in his past but habits sometimes don't die. Having so much family background with enforcement and knowledgeable. Austin quickly found himself a position within San Andreas Highway Patrol. Where there he has built up an astounding reputation, especially with the people but underneath. Austin still has his criminal impulsiveness. When he first entered the City, he met with a bunch of gang members and quickly got along with them but did nothing illegal as Austin, morally at the time, wanted to make better for himself but was still very muchuse to the gang atmosphere and mindset causing Austin to be on the fence when it comes to his future path, many times having 100% enforced the law and upheld it plenty of times. Austin feels the temptations to allow his friendly gang members out of tickets or wishes he could possibly be an insider for then gang his family is part of as Austin feels it would definitely spice up his day to day life instead of a boring same-same routine.


-Austin has no fear when it comes to 3 combatants and will draw his weapon in defense or to neutralize the opposition, even while rifles are being pointed at him. Anymore than 3 and by himself, he understands the possibility of survival is slim and will surrender in attempt to preserve life. EDIT: Due to his Mafia experience and involvement.
-If and When Austin is out and about *out of uniform* and a shoot out occurs right on the spot, if needed, he will pick up the first weapon he sees for defense until he is safely away from the area.
-Austin can show a temperamental aggression that could lead into aggravated murder when people disrespect, don't pay up or put him on the spot negatively due to his personality foundation that was developed while in a Mafia working as the Heads Caporegime.
-Along with Austins background and relation to the Mafia, he also is good at street medicine and treating wounds even with no medical licensing. He has treated enough of his former soldiers to know what he is doing when it comes to gunshot wounds and torture/blunt force wounds.
-Due to Austins inhibition to let go of former ways picked up through the mafia, this causes him to be a corrupt officer within SAHP. Causing him to tip off his family/allied Gang about any possible enforcers looking for them, letting associates go, also able to supply/sell SAHP issued equipment and illegal evidence and when obtained high enough ranked. Is able to remove an associate off the wanted list if the crime doesn't exceed 3 stars
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