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Maher hulk

Dec 18, 2022

NAME: maher hulkk
AGE: 27
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ponce, Puerto Rico
TATTOOS both Arm, chest
STRENGTHS: can be calm in stressful situations
WEAKNESS: gets angry pretty quickly

Live Story:
maher grew up in the Slumps of Ponce, Puerto Rico, and moved to Los Santos around the age of 13. His father, struggling to make ends meet, joined a gang called "Los Santos Vagos." Growing maher crossed paths with numerous criminals. He was no stranger to crime. When maher got to his school, he began making questionable decisions. He started selling drugs, weapons, and ammunition. The money he brought in was incomparable to any job he had worked until this point in his life. One night while hanging out at home with his father and some friends, members from a rival gang, "The Ballas," came and shot up the house. maher lost his father, best friend, and others in this drive-by. This shootout was his first experience of death firsthand. Los Santos Vagos did not take this lightly; this shooting started a turf war between the gangs. maher realized this was not a life he wanted to be a part of, but gang life is not something you leave. Over the next year, maher began trying to clean up his act. In his senior year of high school, he attended a job fair where he decided to speak with a military recruiter. He felt this was his best option to escape the violence and gang life his entire life had surrounded him.

Career Story:
He decided to move forward with this option and joined the military to leave the city. After completing boot camp and realizing he was free from gang life, and made it. He looked forward to getting orders somewhere he could start over. The first base he would work the city of Los Santos, National Guard Base. Once returning to the town, he tried to keep his hand high and avoid gang life and old friends as much as possible, but it did not work out well for him. He slowly began to fall into some old habits. maher started smuggling drugs into the barracks at night; with his new knowledge of weapons and boot camp experience, he began selling guns again, not just handguns like AP Pistols and Revolvers. He began selling AR Carbines, Light Machine guns, and Heavy Snipers. His methods were untraceable. He was able to work himself up the ranks within the military. Passing all his exams, showing up to work on time, and taking leadership roles. During the day, maher is a perfect commander, but at night, he is one of the top arms dealers in the city. maher became a member of the Royal Elite a family known for their criminal actions across the state. He quickly realized his military position and ties to gangs and criminal organizations could be incredibly useful to him.

1. Maher can deny/lie about calling an attorney for a suspect in his custody.

2. Maher can use illegal firearms and items(drugs,engine blockers) on/off duty that he found after fights through his victims or through his own personal purchases

3. Maher can partake in criminal activities alone, or with his family.(Killing/Robbing/Kidnapping/Torturing)

4. Maher can take bribes.(Up to 100k or equivalent value in illegal items/weaponry)( cannot take a bribe to be hostage)

5. Maher can sell/buy weapons on the black market (No organization weapons)

6. Maher may deny to show identification

7. Maher may break IC laws due to his corruption

8. Maher may misuse his power and authority to assist family members or friends in escaping from prison, or removing them from the wanted list.

9. Maher can search Law Enforcement and suspects for their bodycams and destroy them by smashing them on the ground. ('/try to find the bodycam' 2x per situation and '/do to destroy it' No lawyers or judges)

10. Maher can use truth serum on suspects to get true information. (/try 2 times per situation).
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