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Alexander Verlice

I have Become What I Must Be
Feb 21, 2024
State Organization: GOV

Name: Alexander Verlicee
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Nationality: Egyptian
Place of Birth: Paleto Bay
Sexuality: Straight
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black/Yellow
Tattoos: 2 legs 1 left hand.
Strengths: Leadership, Subject solving specialist
Weakness: Sometimes mentally low mood and irritable

Life Story:

Alexander was born in the quiet coastal city of Paleto Bay. Alexander lived a peaceful and beautiful childhood until his father and mother died in a car crash. After that, he became a beggar and homeless. He met bad friends and they brought him down the drug path . and he became a drug addict and he wasnt eating or drinking water for multful days and He joined an addiction treatment facility and recovered from addiction of cursed drugs. He did his best to work an honorable job. He tried several times, but failed. He discovered in this world the weak have not and will not be victorious

Career Story:

I have discovered that the only solution that makes me feel comfortable with what happened in the past is to be a corrupt employee in the government, and I have tried very hard to rises up very quickly to be one of the highcommands and to make everyone who stands in my way feel humiliated and ask for mercy from me. I will not give it to him, and I discovered that I feel happy and delighted. When I torture victims who do not listen to my demands, and also when I kidnap people, I also feel that I have taken away my rights from the world, which made me feel all this humiliation when I was young


1-Alexander Verlicee refuses to show his ID/passport to protect his identity

2- Alexander Verlicee can take bribes. ( up to 100k ). (not to be a hostage)

3- Alexander Verlicee may use illegal weaponry(Vests, Drugs, Engine blockers, guns) on or off duty that he found after fights with his victims or through his own personal purchases(Black market or buying directly from someone)

4- Alexander Verlicee is permitted to rob/kill criminals in the ghetto, or kidnap and rob them in secluded areas. ( Only off duty)

5- Alexander Verlicee can try to locate, smash and break bodycams. (/try to find the bodycam (twice per situation) and /do to destroy it)

6- Alexander Verlicee can break IC laws due to his corruption (No Non-RP driving, RP breaking etc)

7-Alexander Verlicee can lie about the request of a lawyer and refuse to show his id to any suspect

8- Alexander Verlicee can resort to interrogation methods, including torture or the use of truth serum, to extract information (using the (/try inject the Truth serum inside the Kidnapped vein command)twice per situation).

9- Alexander Verlicee can loot/take weapons from gang members and other criminals

10-Alexander Verlicee can be released 10-15 for money or for free (100k max)
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Chanush Movva

Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
Dec 15, 2022

Outcome 4: Must Follow GR6.16
Outcome 8: Must follow proper RP
Outcome 9: cannot force them

Have fun and follow the rules!
All bios can have punishment IC as well as OOC
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