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Pearson Herrera

May 7, 2021
Name: Pearson Herrera(158)
Gender: Male
Date of birth:25/04/1993
Nationality: British
Place of Birth. United Kingdom
Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas
Father: James Herrera
Mother: Amy Herrera
Height and weight: 240 lbs.
Body Type: Muscular
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond

Pearson grew up in the countryside of the United Kingdom, whilst here he was honing his craft of coming into Law Enforcement. This was due to the bad experiences he faced when growing up, the police had always been corrupt and he even saw criminals go unpunished for these actions. During his teenage years Pearson was attacked by a criminal and left beaten and bruised. He would report this to the police yet nothing was done. Fueled by this fire he would put all his time and effort in training physically to ensure this would never happen again. But was also fueled by a belief of all criminals must be punished and if he saw any Legal Workers not doing there job properly he would punish them.
1. Pearson would abide by all Standard Operating Procedures and make sure he sticks strictly to Laws whilst on duty
2. Due to the training Pearson has done he would be able to fight 3v1 in situations where he would have an advantage
3. If Pearson notices a Legal Worker committing a crime, Pearson would punish them severly, whether this be Jail time, or sometimes Physical Retribution, However would make sure that he was never caught for this
4. If seeing someone commit violence against Civilians Pearson would ensure that they are punished but wouldn't be aposed to enacting some revenge by roughing up the criminal before arresting them
5. Pearson would be wearing Smart Glasses which are constantly broadcasting his Bodycam to the FIB Network(edited)
6. Pearson is unable to take bribes as this is against his moral code
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