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Haji Siphiwa

May 22, 2021
Name: Haji Siphiwa [1672]
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Date of birth: 26/09/1995
Nationality: African
Place of Birth. Nigeria
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Unknown
Mother: Noxolo Siphiwa
Height and weight: 190cm / 87 kg
Body Type: Very Fit and Muscular
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Blue
Facial hair: Neat Beard
Tattoos: Hand and Face Tattoo (Face Tattoo in process of being removed)
Citizenship: American / Nigerian
Personality: Straight forward and upfront, always ready for actions and ambitious
Hobbies: Collects Cars, Racing , Collects Weapons of all kinds, Practising his shooting abilities at the shooting range..
Knowledge of languages: English, Xhosa, Spanish, Afrikaans, Sotho
Haji Siphiwa was born in Nigeria in Africa, His Dad was supposedly a well known gang leader in the northern parts of Africa, Knowing this Hajis dad left them when Haji was born to protect them. He supplies them with money from time to time but refuses to contact them ever. Haji was always trying his best to help people but with his fathers past he was always drawn to the criminal side of the world. Hajis mother always protected him and always tried to be there for him.
With Hajis life turning out this way he shows almost no fear towards threats that come his way.
When Haji turned 18 he moved to los santos, After moving there Haji got himself well known within the criminal side of the city by being a mechanic, While working as a mechanic he got a chance to help high-level gangsters in the city and see the way they work. 4 years after being a mechanic he decided that he would try to become a federal agent. After months of hard work he finally became part of the FIB and started fighting for the better good. Although he was in FIB, he was given a lot of access and trusted a lot in FIB. While being in FIB he was keeping weapons he took from the warehouse, Providing them to gang members whose fight was for something greater and he was kidnapping corrupt officers and agents making sure that whatever they did was never gonna happen again. After a successful time in FIB and clearing out most of the corruption within the FIB he decided to move to National Guard, Haji is now in national guard with one goal and one goal only. This is to eliminate all national threats and provide for those who are in need. He takes from the warehouse, Provides for gang members who are being controlled by others, He does illegal things like go to the ghetto to help out those he has built a relationship with and he takes down any gang member he can that is directly against his believe, Which is that he will do whatever it takes to protect those who have less than him and is in positions that they would like to escape from which in this case was the mexican community and the civilians who are going through the ghetto being killed by gangs that are constantly killing anything that breathes.
Obviously with all these laws being broken and Haji breaking the rules that are not to be broken it means that all of these stuff need to be done without being caught and having a low profile. No one can know his identity the moment he steps out of the military base.
And the day he gets caught he will lose everything he has worked for.

Outcomes : 1) Showing no fear to 3 or less people being able to try his best to get out of a situation where 3 or less people are holding him at gunpoint. This is only when he can see a clear way out.
2)When he is in danger, and he can see weapons and armor lying on the floor he can attempt to pick it up if he is not directly putting his own life in danger by doing this. The only time he would put his own life in danger is if he has nothing else to protect himself with.
3) Can be corrupt and break laws to serve his personal agenda (Anything that is not unrealistic and that serves his goal.
4) Has the ability to keep weapons and armor he takes from the warehouse.
5) When seeing someone he cares about being arrested he will attempt to free them (This is not by finishing them but letting them go if no one else will be able to notice it.)
6) Can use NG weapons for personal use.
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