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    Before making complaint with a prefix for curator of the project please read these rules.
    1. Make complaint only in case if you already posted for high admins and they did not help you.
    2. Complaints for curator of the project ONLY for management level complaints. You can't appeal your warning or 7 days ban. You can appeal only permanent or long-term bans.

    Thank you for attention! (c) Mazhor Pluxury
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Players nickname
Tim Dooley
Administrators nickname
Arwid Lee Trey Tesfaye
May 23, 2021
check discord chat

tim dooley

May 20, 2021
Admins started name calling me, because of a ruling on the server. Trey Tesfaye and Arwid Lee started accusing me of slandering admins. I responded to the accusations and asked for proof, but none was provided.I replied to the accusations, and then i was told to shut up and stop, evne though they kept verbally ttacking and dogpiling on me, getting more and more upset. Then they silenced me, after I simply replied to allt he things they said. They started tossing those words and accusations at me, with the sheer intention to silence me.

And this is sadly what happens if you dare critizise the staff. And i dont mean slandering, and im not talking about saying bad things. Im simply talking about pointing out that not every case is looked at with care, and admins dont tend to problems in a timely manner, and certain people are favored over other people. These are simple observations i made, and i also have proof of it.

Which is why im here now, to voice my dissatisfaction with the way that admins chose to handle criticism. Criticism does not equal to slander. I have used 0 cuss words, but admins have called me a racist, admins have told me to "shut up or be banned" , and used other forms of coersion, to get their ways. I think its unprofessional, and only further validates my points, that admins arent always acting right.

You are able to see the conversation that led to the silence, simply by looking up my name potato69 on discord, and see the last thing i said. You will see, that im not argumentative, im not escalating any situation, and im not using any slurs, and im keeping my composure, evne though 2 admins are doing the complete opposite. Argumentative, emotional, escalating the situation and resorting to name-calling.


Curator of the project
Curator of the project
Apr 28, 2021
Before I begin reviewing this report. Please correct the format. Refer to the Rules for Filing a complaint
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