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May 8, 2021
Name: Bigi Baba (276)
Gender: Female.
Age: 28.
Date of birth: 27/12/1993 Nationality: America.
Place of Birth: Chicago Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas.
Parents: Father: Unknown Died before he knew him.
Mother: Elizabeth.
Height and weight: 230 lbs.
Body Type: Masculine.
Eye color: Green.
Hair color: Black.

Bigi Corleone was born in Chicago and grew up in the city with 3 friends but his mom never told him that he does not have a dad, his mom use to say to him your dad is at work so he kept waiting for his dad at the door until 3 or 4 in the morning but his dad never came.
But one day he said to himself he is not gonna sleep the whole night and the whole day and he did not sleep but his dad still did not come.
So the other day he went and talked to his mom about dad and his mom never said nothing after he got at 15 years his mom told him about dad that his dad died before he knew him and since that day he said to his mom this is the last time you are gonna see me and he left the house and he went to the hood.
So after he left the house he rented a house and worked so hard and he made it to buy a car and then a year after he went to a 24/7 and he won another car from a lottery ticket and then he joined a Family which he wont tell no one and he works with them lives with them and kills people for them.
He said that he is a good guy (chill) but if you mess with him or family its not gonna be a big F for you.

1. He can fight 3 people for sure if he has armor he will try and take 4.
2. He loves Cocaine.
3.He is the guy who starts the fight.
4. He sells drugs around the hood in hidden places where cops eyes will not catch.
5. If he gets caught by the cops and he can hide a cocaine in his balls so he can have it with him in prison.
6. He carries Cocaine all the time with him at least 1.
7. And he is about to not have Cocaine anymore because he sold to much he wants to take a brake.
8. If he gets opportunity to kill a FIB or LSPD and steal his shit he will do it.
Not open for further replies.
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