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May 31, 2021
Life has never been simple for me. As much as i love reminiscing i feel like my past is no longer important, but i would like to share it.

I've never been the innocent man you see today, i've always had a 'mischievous' side to me, like the time i joined a gang called Invictus.
Or the time i was arrested for armed robbery, the time i helped with a fake kidnapping, the time i joined the Marcellos.

My favourite thing to look back on is the past with her. - but before we get to that...


I was born in England and raised by my foster family who adopted me on my 15th birthday.
I would say that i was a good child growing up, rarely got into trouble, ha okay i lied i liked a five finger discount once in a while but never got caught
I also was beaten up by some teens and that situation led me to my biggest sorrows of the time that my vocal cords where damaged, Now i was sounding like a child and everyone teased me that i have a voice changer like voice in real life. The effect of this incident is till now occuring and whenever i speak my voice sounds like am using a voice changer.

I was studying nursing in college until i walked in on my fiancΓ© with my best friend in our home, that broke me.
After spiralling into depression i had to leave, get away from the place and have a break.
I booked the cheapest ticket at the time as a last minute flight, the next day i was on the plane heading for LSIA.
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