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May 8, 2021
Name: Brendan Mathers
Gender: Male
Age: 23
DOB: 07/09/1997
Nationality: Italian-American
Sexuality: Straight
Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas
Parents: Margaret Mathers (Deceased) & Nicholas Delvichi Mathers (Deceased)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 164LBS
Body Type: Muscular / Shredded
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Brendan Mathers was born on July 9 1997 from his lovely mother Margaret Mathers and his fathers Nicholas "Nick" Delvinchi Mathers. Before we dive into Brendan's life I will briefly describe his parents. His mother was rather the flirtatious type, his father couldn't handle her out all the time so one day he slipped, pulling a pistol on her... she ended up dead sure thing in the mornin'. This was the last kid Ms. Mathers would ever have. However, Nick Mathers lived on for some time going under the alias Nick Delvinchi. Nick was a wise-guy and was most definitely one of the Bosses in his family. He lead a notorious lifestyle of making money legally and illegally all over the world. If Brendan's father wanted someone dead they'd be dead the next mornin'. Nick got that attitude from his crooked friend Jayden Baked. Jayden Baked was a Hitman and taught all his ways to Nick Delvinchi.

All this was great for Nick as he used the knowledge to take out high profile criminals. Making loads of money to support his family. But this attitude and his ways of living started to be taught to Brendan Mathers. The older Brendan got the more he started to see. From his father taking lives, to under ground gambling, to rigging sports events, stealing delivery car imports, and most of all my father lived free for years. Living like everyone wished they could. But, Brendan grew older and as he grew older he started to get up in rank with the older fellas in the Mathers Family.

Brendan rose all the way to an Underboss until his father unfortunately passed away during a high speed pursuit. A new patrol officer pulled a gun out on Brendan Mathers Father while he was unarmed, shooting him in a moving vehicle and ultimately ended up in the result of his Father dying. Now, see Brendan was never close to his mother all the wrong things she did to his Father he couldn't forgive. He hated her guts up until he found out she was dyin' in a hospital because a few gang bangers kid napped her and killed her.

Brendan Mathers was furious with his Mother and Father now gone. Brendan rose to become the Boss of the Mathers Family and took all matters into his own hands. He did the unspeakable to get revenge and grew slightly out of the bad lifestyle to make legal money. He found himself a job with the National Guard at the age of 16. Rising to the Ranks in San Andreas to Major before retiring. As he grew older he joined the Los Santos DOC then went to Los Santos Police Department. Where Brendan Mathers was a Patrol Officer 1 then from there moving into the FIB then finishing his stay into the Los Santos Medical Field.

Brendan Mathers found his way and life in the Medical Field. Saving lives felt much better than taking them in his hands. Although, he's had a bad passed he tries to not be crooked. He's seen it all and done it all from wrongs to rights. Brendan Mathers does run his Family in a manner of professionalism and organized crime if he were to ever do anything. Brendan learned how to protect him self from military training, learned how to buy a re-sell property, learned how to invest his money to grow it, and learned how to be heartless to those who mean nothing to him. Although Brendan put most of his bad life in the past he isn't the type of dude to mess with and could use his knowledge and wisdom to get things done to people around the city.

-Brendan can pull a gun at a 1v3 with guns pointed at him due to his combat training since a youth.
-Brendan could pick up a gun in a fight and use it in-order to protect himself from harm.
-Brendan has high-end google glasses with a recorder in that uploads videos constantly.
-Brendan could kill you for reasoning that falls into someone paying him to kill them due to his Mob Lifestyle and his father teaching him hit man ways.
-Brendan could do medical procedures due to him being a Medical Administrator and knowing all proper medical procedures.
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