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May 7, 2021
Name: Olivia Black [9523]
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Date of birth: 23/05/1998
Nationality: Norwegian
Place of Birth: Norway, Fredrikstad
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Anne Rosland
Mother: Trond Strand
Height and weight: 160cm / 86kg
Body Type: Slim thick
Eye color: Blue/grey
Hair color: Blonde
Facial hair: None
Tattoos: Both arms filled with tattoos, back left leg, one chest
Citizenship: American / Norwegian
Personality: Quiet, childish, serious when needed, sensitive, aggressive
Hobbies: Fashion, workaholic, music lover
Knowledge of languages: English and Norwegian, partial Swedish and Danish

Chapter 1: From infant to teenager.
Olivia Black was born in one of the Norway and would grow up in one of the bigger cities in Norway: Trondheim. Her dad being a drug addict and her mom getting pregnant due to reckless intercourse during the influence. Olivia would be labled a "bastard" from a young age due to her mom and dad not being married. Olivia would grow up around drug dealers and drug addicts and would herself at a early ahe experiment. Olivia was named Olivia Strand at birth but would later change her name.

She was a workaholic from an early age. She would serve drinks and drugs to her fathers band members during parties late at night and wake up at 6 o' clock in the morning to work at a bakery. This would be her life till her 17th birthday when she would finally have saved up enough money to get out of the "shit hole" she was then living in. She finally had enough money for education.

Chapter 2: Failed education
She would move to Oslo, Norway to get a degree in Buisness. She quickly realise that the enviroment wasn't better, but maybe even worse in Oslo. She would force herself to go to frat parties with people she then considered "friends". She would be molested countless times without speaking up about it but decided to drop out eventually.

Chapter 3: Finding the love of her life
Filling her schedule up with part time jobs without education was hard but she would manage for a while. Olivia ended up encountering a English man at one of her part time jobs which quickly sparked her interest. "Robert Grayson". Despite her shy personality she would quickly bond and form a relationship with him. Robert tells Olivia that he has a buisness opportuinity in Los Santos in America and Olivia is already head over heels for him and decide to go with him and move to Los Santos.

Chapter 4: A new beginning
Olivia and Robert elope and promise themself to eachother not long after moving. They change their names to Olivia and Robert "Rockford".
Robert ends up spending most his time trying to get as many hours as he can in works while. Olivia is desperately searching for work but ends up in the same type of streets she used to be in. She comes across "The Families" where she finds comfort in the familiar. She would also spend a lot of time shopping because she would find a lot of interest in random gunfights and with a recommendation from one of the gang members sometimes also check out the Black Market where she would stumble upon a very small camera which could start recording with just a light tap which she would find use for later on.

Chapter 5: "Workaholic"
She's with them for about a month before she hears about a job opening at DOC. She tells her friends in Families about it and they understand. Without being seen in criminal structures as she would barely ever participate in actual gang events, she joins the goverment and starts earning a decent amount of money. She makes a lot of good friends but keeps her friends in Families secret. Her and Robert would quickly climb their way up to the Secret Service and also end up changing their names to Black after becoming very good friends with USS Director "Johnny Black".

Outcomes :
1) Is very secretive about her past
2) Can be corrupt and break laws for her trusted and close friends (without abuse for extreme financial gains that are unrealistic )
3) Would risk her life for any close friends, family and for the safety of others. In extreme emergency situations Olivia would risk her life in order to save someone elses'
4) Would get help from a professional to install her camera into a necklace and make it always record footage but whenever she would tap it, the high tech camera would save and upload the last 10 minutes to her cloud automatically because of the amount of abuse she has experienced over time.
5) Would be very outspoken on sexism and general harassment in and outside the workplace, with a zero tolerance mindset.
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