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Pablo Ali

May 10, 2021
Name: Pablo Ali(1329)
Gender: Male
Date of birth:10/03/1998
Nationality: British
Place of Birth. United Kingdom
Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: UNKNOWN
Height and weight: 240 lbs. 6 foot
Body Type: Muscular
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Pablo Ali was left at the doorsteps of a foster home in London. Due to his rough upbringing within the foster home, Pablo is able to stand up for him self whenever facing stiff opposition. At a the young age of 18 Pablo moved to Los Santos where began his career in LSPD. Due to his previous experience as Deputy Chief of LSPD, Pablo Ali is well versed in the tactics of LSPD and other legal Orgs. Nowadays, Pablo hangs with his family 'The Mandem' and they get up to all sorts of trouble. Pablo now leads a criminal lifestyle and takes many officers hostage in order to cause havoc within the state.

  • Due To his previous experience as Deputy Chief, Pablo is able to recognise his former colleagues.
  • Pablo is able to conceal is identity by wearing a mask but his former colleagues are able to recognise him by his voice.
  • Pablo is a skilled driver and is able to evade police easily.
  • Due to Pablo's previous experience as LSPD, he is able to fight 1v3.
  • Pablo Is well known to the legal orgs due to his previous status as Deputy Chief.
  • Pablo has morals and principles which set him aside from your standard criminal.
  • Pablo also helps the weak and EMS employees if they are being harassed or attacked.
Goal - Is to be the most Notorious Criminal in the city.
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
This point has been limited to 1v2 except that everthing else is good
  • Due to Pablo's previous experience as LSPD, he is able to fight 1v3.
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