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May 7, 2021
Name: Har (ingame ID: 1121)
Surname: Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Date of birth: 10/04/1996
Nationality: Armenian
Place of Birth. Yerevan, Armenia.
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas State.
Parents: Father: Jack Hunter. Mother: Ester Show
Height and weight: 169 cm / 60 kg
Body Type: Athletic
Eye color: blue (May wear different color lenses)
Hair color: Black
Facial hair: Beard
Tattoos: All over body
Citizenship: Armenian / Syrian.
Personality: Rude, fair. responsive, likes to help people.
Hobbies: Collecting weapons. Hunting, cars, cars thief. Sport (football)
Knowledge of languages: English, Russian, Armenian.
Feats: Perfect knowledge and handling of fire arms.
Parents moved to Los Santos from the city of Yerevan in Armenia.
The sudden changes in his life, strongly influenced Har's behavior. At that moment he was 12 years old. Away from friends and habits, Har becomes hot-tempered and alone.
Parents take him to a sports club not far from home,and football training. Har begins to like it and he willingly continues to football trainings.
At the age of 15, Har actively participates in all city tournaments, and always takes prizes.
Har has always distinguished himself from other children with his sense of justice. He could not bear injustice and always tried to fight such phenomena.
When Har turns 18, he applies for admission to the wine Academy. His application is approved. Har is trained at the base in Noy company.
During the assignment, Har shows his talents with different type of wine technologies.
Har becomes a full-fledged member of the Noy Group, together with the group, they successfully complete the tasks over and over again.
At the age of 20 he started to train with famous gunfighers
Har learned in IT technologys.
He can easy fight against 3-4 people.Love to find anything news about IT technologies (Drone, Hidden cameras, Pc set ups)

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
your BIO has been decided that your limit you to 1v2 situations
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