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May 11, 2021
Name: Nicholas Yagami [19191]
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Date of birth: 29/04/1985
Nationality: Half-Japanese, Half-American
Place of Birth: Kabukicho, Tokyo
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas
Father: Kaito Yagami
Mother: Mary Yagami
Height and weight: 5'11" / 182lbs
Body Type: Lean/Toned
Eye color: Ocean Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Facial hair: Goatee
Tattoos: None
Citizenship: Japanese / American
Personality: Curious, can be relaxed but is always on his guard.
Hobbies: Karaoke, Helping random people


PART I (Life before America): Yagami's tale began with tragedy. Not long after his birth in the district of Kabukicho, Yagami's father landed himself in debt due to his spiralling gambling addiction. With the family out of money, Yagami's father loaned out cash from the local Kasuga family. A top-ranked Yakuza family within Tokyo. Although they were able to pay for their rent, the Kasuga family began to crack down on the Yagami's not long after. Demanding that they pay more money, more frequently. With the added pressure and beatings he received almost daily, Yagami's father took his own life. Leaving both Yagami and his mother Mary all alone. With no reason left to stay, Mary left Japan with 1-year-old Yagami and travelled to America back to where she grew up. New York City.

PART II (Growing up in New York)
The young Yagami spent much of his youth in New York City. He was a troubled kid, constantly getting himself into mischief with the police and constantly rolling with kids much older than him. He spent a fair share of his youth in various street gangs and picked up a lot of knowledge of how to survive on your own. Despite being a punk kid, he always tried to do right by his mother and make her happy. Despite hardships, life was pretty good.

PART III (Return to Kabukicho)
With mere months left before his 19th birthday, Mary received a letter from a woman named Suzuki Yagami. Her mother in law and Yagami's grandmother. The letter read detailed that she was dying and that she would like to see Mary and her grandson one last time before she passes on. Mary was conflicted by this, she had not been back to Japan in over 18 years. Too many bad memories for her, however upon hearing this Yagami was excited to go. He wanted a chance to experience the place that his mom and dad used to live. With much hesitation, she agreed to make this trip with him.

PART IV (The Attack)
With his return to Kabukicho Yagami was in awe. He could not believe his eyes. Mary wasted no time taking Yagami to Suzuki's house. An old fashioned Japanese home with the classic sliding doors that the country is known for. Alongside a beautiful garden that was filled with life. Suzuki eagerly greeted them into her home and made them feel very welcome. They all sat around the living room and had a very long discussion about the painful past, one Yagami didn't even have the full story of. Suzuki eventually went on to reveal that she plans to give her land away to Yagami once she passes away. It is a very valuable piece of land and Yagami could benefit for life with how much its rental is worth.

Before discussions could end a sound is heard and Mary gets up to check what it is. Suddenly screaming is heard and a man in a grey suit drags Mary into the living room, a gun to her head. He demands that Suzuki give him the deed to the property of Mary will die. With no hesitation, Suzuki grabs the will she had prepared and begins altering it. She passes it to the man who reads it and lets out a chuckle, before suddenly shooting Sukuzi as he now has all he needs. Yagami runs to her aid but it's too late, instant death. The man knocks out Mary who falls to the ground. The man walks away leaving Yagami in a mess on the ground.

PART V (The Detective)
Now in the hospital, Mary is still unconscious and Suzuki has been pronounced dead. After the police finish their questioning of Yagami they leave him be. A few moments pass before a man in a long coat appears. He is a private eye who has been investigating that man for a while. He attempts to ask Yagami some questions but Yagami just ignores him the leaves the hospital to cool off. The detective follows him around Kabukicho until Yagami explodes, attacking the man which he just let's happen. With tears rolling down his face and screaming Yagami falls to the ground. The detective kneels down and gives him a pep talk, telling him that it's good to let out his rage, his sadness, his pain.

The detective asks the kid to come to his office, he has something to show him. With much hesitation, Yagami follows.

PART VI (The Case)
Yagami enters the messy office which has papers sprawled all over the place. He asks the man what is all this he simply just points at a board where pictures of many different men are displayed. Including Yagami's father. Yagami questions it and the detective explains that the Kasuga family are responsible for this. Yagami asks why his father is on the board. The detective explains that Yagami's father as far he can tell didn't kill himself. That the Kasuga family orchestrated the whole in order to gain ownership of some property that even the father didn't know about.

He then goes on to explain that Suzuki's death was a result of her deciding to give the property to Yagami. The Kasuga family were always planning to buy up her land but this new deed got in the way, this is why Suzuki had to die. Yagami is distraught by all this and feels immense guilt. He asks why the detective can't just go to the police, he then explains that the majority of the police are bought out and unless there is solid proof that can cause public outrage. The police would never give them the time of day. Yagami refuses to accept that outcome and asks to help the detective solve this case. The detective refuses but Yagami won't let up, eventually, he gives and allows him to aid him in his investigation.

PART VII (Time moves forth)
Over the next 3 months, Yagami and the detective dedicated their time to bringing the Kasuga family to justice. Eventually, after many false starts and dangerous situations, they manage to gain the evidence they need. With the help of their tech friend, they manage to compromise all public screens in the nightlife district and broadcast everything to the whole of Japan. With all this evidence stacked against them, the police have no choice but to prosecute those responsible within the Kasuga family. During this entire time, Mary had been slowly recovering and was finally able to go home just as this case was wrapping up. Mary decides that it's finally time for her to go back to America, she asks Yagami if he is ready.

Yagami... doesn't know how to respond. He wants to be with his mom but over the last 3 months, he'd fallen in love with this city, with this line of work. He wanted to be a detective, just like his mentor. Without saying these words Mary already knew what was best and nodded her head. She gave Yagami a kiss on the cheek and told him that she will be okay. She tells Yagami she's proud of him and that she'll always be there for him.

PART VIII (Life back and forth)
Yagami continues his life in Japan under his mentor's wing. 17 years pass by with only a few trips back and forth from America. In the years he had spent in Japan, he built himself up to be somewhat of a legend in the criminal underworld. He was known as the Tiger of Kabukicho. Not long after his 36th birthday, tragedy strikes and his mother is placed into hospital with a life-threatening illness. Yagami quickly rushes to Los Santos leaving his life in Japan behind to be with his Mom.

With only a few months left, Yagami decides to stay in America so that he can be a lot closer with his mother before she passes. Now we are here. Yagami decides that despite not being in Japan anymore. He'll just do what he's always done, fight for justice. He is hopeful that he is ready for the challenges coming at him.

Outcomes :
1) Yagami isn't all about being righteous and true, he will bend the law if he needs to get something done. However, at the end of the day, he always believes in justice.
2) Yagami is a skilled fighter and can hold his own fairly easily.
3) His run-ins with Yakuza and the Korean mafia in the past has led to his confidence/smarts when approaching criminal organisations.
4) His knowledge of American law is shaky compared to the Japanese law that he becomes so accustomed to, he is more prone to break laws most wouldn't.
5) His ability to go undercover and act as if he is almost a different person is a great skill he utilises a lot.
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