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Players nickname
Skye Emily
Administrators nickname
Alex Odd
Jun 19, 2021


Jun 10, 2021
Thank you to the admin taking the time to take this report.

I was just banned for General rule 6.5 -" It is forbidden to empty the warehouse of the organization for personal purposes."

I spoke to Alex Odd on discord and asked him if this was a mistake since I have not stolen anything from any organisation for personal usage. He replied to me with photos of some FIB armour and guns that I have inside of my house. I have never been apart of the FIB or any other legal organisation on this server so I'm not sure how I could even of possibly broken the General rule 6.5 since I never had access to any FIB or legal ORG armoury.

I have been playing since the server first opened and all my items I own have been acquired by robbing people, Picking up items off the ground or buying them from the black market. You can check all Warehouse logs and you will find I have never once broken the General rule 6.5.

Alex odd has said in the appeal that I made. "If you have been NEVER part of organization but have participated with ur friends in emptying of warehouses - this does not change anything it's same violation And your LOGS and Warehouse of ur both houses shows exactly this."

No one that I know of has been banned or punished for General rule 6.5 so I'm not sure why Alex even said this in the reply as he is implying that I have participated in breaking General rule 6.5 which is not true nor have I been in any legal organisation. All my warehouse items I have robbed, Picked up off the ground or bought them from black market. I have never stolen anything from any warehouse nor have I participated in helping anyone break General rule 6.5.

The FIB vest's that Alex is talking about are all broken armours under 40% and nothing is in 100% condition, The 3 guns that Alex posted photos of are FIB guns that I have taken from FIB agents while robbing them in the ghetto and nothing has been stolen from any organisation.

I would like to ask that a higher admin could please take this report and look into this as I have feel like I'm being unfairly treated for having a hand full of items that are readily available for anyone to buy.


Curator of the project
Curator of the project
Apr 28, 2021
As I checked your warehouse in your own house, I found FIB guns and armors. After investigation we found a person who stole these armors from warehouse and transferred you. Final decision, administrator made a right decision. If you think we can't find logs where you got armors, you are wrong.​
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