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Players nickname
Arthur Mack
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 22, 2021
Time of violation

Arthur Mack

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Server Administrator
May 16, 2021
So before i start describing the incident,I want to inform you that i worked as an EMS employee till yesterday evening but due to some unspecified reasons,I left the EMS and joined the NG(National Guard). Since i worked in the EMS for more than 3 weeks,i made pretty good friends and knew most of the staff.Sometimes i just used to talk to them in the lobby(while off duty) and chill with them.

Now the incident:
I was going to the NG base after a drug lab raid but I took a deroute to get some pills from the city pillbox. I parked my car in the parking lot at main entrance and side and went inside the pillbox to get the pills. After entering the pillbox,there was no render for 2 seconds so i just started dancing(i literally used to do that everytime and my friends inside the pillbox liked it too,sometimes danced with me too). So after everything got rendered,i was looking for my friends inside the pillbox lobby but none of them were present at that time except 2 strangers(on duty doctors). The moment everything rendered,the white clothes guy(some high rank in the ems) started abusing and talking shit to me,told me to leave "HIS" hospital. I stopped dancing and explained him that i used to work in the EMS till yesterday and thats why i showed him my id(i could show passport too) and i had no intention of flexing/showing off that i work in the NG now. I was just providing him my identity so that maybe he recognises me. But he didnt listen to anything,he still kept arguing that I was the one who was at fault.Then i told him that this is not how you treat patients in the hospital specially WHEN YOU ARE ON DUTY. he still showed no interest in that and kept replying back to me rudely. Although I dont take these types of things personally but since in this situation I was not at all faulty,thats why i am writing a forum.

You can notice that the moment i entered the pillbox,i could hear someone speaking about his job and how bad/good it is(it was the same guy but it didnt render). I think he was probably ranting at that time or maybe he had some irl issues but i clearly know that you cant just start talking bullshit to anyone who comes to the pillbox for some help/meds.Since he was at a higher rank(judging by his uniform),atleast he should know how to behave in public.

PS:I dont know why my mic voice wasnt being recorded,but i was just explaining him that i used to work here and thats not how you disrespect people coming in the pillbox for help.

Kevin Tosca

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May 7, 2021

I do not hear any insults Out of Character in this complaint. You can complain to his supervisor about his attitude if you feel it is not appropriate.

Complaint Denied.
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