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Chucky Capdevilla

May 12, 2021
Name: Chucky DeLaCruz
Date of birth:04/20/1998
Place of Birth Špičkovina, Croatia
Residence : Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents :Father: Igor Kobasica Mother: Kristina Kobasica
Weight: average
Eye color: brown
Hair color: Black
Chucky DeLaVilla, born as Ivan Kobasica was born in small village called Spičkovina in Croatia. Ivan didn't enjoy his life at the very beginning because his family was poor and had to work hard in farm just to survive the day. Ivan knew that he had to done something with his life to get his parents and his siblings out of poverty, and he worked hard everyday, early in the morning he would get up and milk the sheeps, then he would go to school. He was doing that every day till the age of 14 when he got in high school in Varaždin,then he moved out of the house because the high school was too far away from his village. Ivan studied in high school and did a part time job so he could send his family in Špičkovina some money. At the age of 18 Ivan successfully finished his high school as the best student out there. After the high school he immediately went to get his college degree also in Varaždin in Faculty of Organization and Informatics. Ivan studied every day hard for his college and he was really good student, but at the age of 20 something good finally happened for Ivan, he won Euro Jackpot and won staggering 60 Million $. He paid all of his familly loans and decided after college that he wants to move with his family in the USA but with fresh start. He changed his family last name and also his first name because he didn't want people to know that he won big amount of the money, and at 4/20/2020 Chucky De La Villa was born and his story begins.
Outcomes: 1)Can carry a weapon because he lived in Croatia and went with his father to hunt
2)Good with PC
4)Good with money and loves to spend time in casino

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