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Rejected Fail RP, Wrongful Arrest | ID: 11747 & 20420

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Players nickname
Ryu Mak
Suspect ID
11747 & 20420
Date of violation
Jun 25, 2021
Time of violation


Jun 3, 2021
I was legally parked on the dirt road as per the attached traffic code screengrab.
Warrant notification
No intimidation or cop baiting was made.

The SAHP officer wanted to see my "passport" I declined as I had done nothing wrong. I RP'd that this was my meditation tree from before the Precinct was even formed.
I was then told that they believe I had an illegal weapon because of previous incidents involving unknown parties. Again I have no knowledge of what he is talking about no is it evidence for me to provide my "passport"

I was told to leave as I was now "trespassing" on SAHP property. His argument was because I was in a GZ it's their property. I am under the impression that it's only trespassing on SAHP if I enter the gated part of the precinct or an area inside the precinct, which is not allowed. E.g the Armory.

At 5:04 of the POV I decided to leave as I was now being threatened with arrest. As I stood by my car having one last argument before I got in. I was placed in handcuffs without warning and then searched without warning. I also believe around this time you can see the other officer ticketing my car. Perhaps they need to read their own traffic code!

I was placed into the car without being told to watch my head. I hit my head when I entered the car quite chard causing me to be dazed. I was only read my Miranda rights twice. Unless mistaken I thought it had to be 3 times? Apologies if I'm wrong.
I was then taken out of the car which I again hit my head on the way out. Only after I hit my head he told me to watch it.

I also requested both the officer's badge numbers to which I was declined because "I was under arrest" I thought all state employees have to give this information when asked no matter the circumstances? Am I wrong?

The officers also never removed my mask nor asked me to remove my mask even though I requested it. How did they know I was who was on my passport when they took it without even asking?

I was intimidated by 2 officers who;
1. have no grounds to search or accuse me of wrongdoing.
2. Don’t know the correct traffic laws where I have been wrongfully fined for.
3. Wrongful arrested and then searched / removal of my item without acknowledgment.

The arrest and search is fail rp on top of the complete breaking of multiple laws which I will be suing and place a formal complaint about

Kenny Vis

OG King of the Forum
May 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Deny this report.
  • In character issue
  • officers have right to view IDs.
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