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Jun 30, 2021
Name Dave Lister
Age 36
DOB 13/06/1984
Height 6'0
Weight 190lbs
Sex Male
Nationality British
Hometown Manchester
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Parents Liam and Jennifer Lister (both deceased)

Dave Grew up in the Moss side area of Manchester. Growing up around a lot of crime and poverty was tough and Dave found himself going down the wrong path. After getting in trouble as a youth he had the opportunity of leaving to join the army. His father had been in the army and was a hard man himself. He never showed Dave any Love and wasn't really around much during his childhood. Both of Dave's parents were lost in a car crash after an accident when he was 15. Dave doesn't have and brothers or sisters.
After staying with an Aunt for a short time and narrowly avoiding jail he joined the army. He quickly adapted to the life and found this was his calling. After a few years of active service in the middle east he went on to join the SAS. Every mission had been a success until one night. He was in Afghanistan on special ops when his unit was ambushed. After a bloody fight he was captured by enemy troops and kept as a prisoner for 1 month. He was tortured for information but refused to speak. Beaten, stabbed, shot and electrocuted were just some of the things they did to him. This went on daily for weeks until eventually he was rescued by another unit. After Taking a few months rest he went back out into the field for another 2 years before the tour was over and they went back home to the UK.
After getting home he got into private security. The job was a good and he enjoyed the relaxed nature, well at least compared to his previous job. He worked for the celebrities and high class business people from all over the world. It wasn't about the money for him though, it was about the job. He would give most of his money to charity as he saw the evil side of money and wanted to use it for good. He knew too many good men who succumb to the temptations of money. He enjoyed what he did and was good at it. He never had a wife, he was married to his job. After losing his best friend who was working another security job, Dave retired. He had finally had enough, he moved away from the UK and was living a peaceful life in SEA. Then things changed and that's the reason he is here now.
Louis, Dave's cousin lived in Los Santos, things had been difficult for him and his business was struggling. Dave would support him when he needed it but it just got to the point where he was giving him more than he could afford really. Dave felt sorry for him though because he said he was in trouble with some gang members, he never said who they were but they were going to take his business. That's when the contact stopped. After not hearing anything for a few months it was time to come to Los Santos. Upon arrival he found his business was no longer there and there was no sign of him. His house was cleared and all signs gone.

Present Day and Dave feels like he back in a warzone sometimes. The crime he sees on the streets of Los Santos whilst doing his job have brought the old feelings back and he doesn't like what he sees. He thought he was retired but maybe this is his biggest mission yet. Dave has decided to stay here hoping maybe one day he will discover what happened to his cousin.


His job in the forces has left him highly trained in Armed and Unarmed combat. He is more than comfortable engaging 2 armed threats with or without a weapon
Dave will not think twice about defending himself if he feels there may be a threat. He remains very calm in high risk situations due to his combat background.
Dave is not interested in any criminal activity. He is working as a fireman and enjoys his job. He helps those in need
Dave is monitoring his activities whilst here and recording footage via a high tech body camera should the footage be required
He is a highly trained driver who is an expert in getaway driving and pursuit driving and is not afraid to use these skills if he is in a situation where they may be required.

Nova Grey

May 7, 2021
I will accept your player BIO. However the last point you made if there are two cars with two people in each of them you will still have to stop and comply.
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