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Papa Erikas

Eric McAleer
May 10, 2021
Name: Eric McAleer

Gender: Male

Age: 21

DOB: 09/02/2000

Nationality: Irish/Lithuanian

Place of Birth: Donegal, Ireland

Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas

Parents: Patrick McAleer & Gintare McAleer

Height: 5’11

Weight: 185 lbs

Bodytype: Slightly muscular build, but mostly resembles a “dad bod”

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Eric McAleer was born in Donegal, living there for about half of his life, then moved out with his parents when he was 11 to Liberty City as his father and mother were unable to put any food on the table and were desperate to find a solution to their financial problems. Eric is the only child of the family.

Eric was brought up around guns as his father Patrick was part of the IRA and has kept many of the guns he had back in his IRA days, using them for sport and teaching Eric how to handle them as well, because his father is paranoid and afraid that him or Eric may be in danger at some point due to his father’s background. His father cut his affiliation with the IRA shortly after Eric’s birth as he wanted to raise him and give him the childhood that Patrick’s father never did, as he was also part of the IRA and prioritized that over his son to the point Patrick’s father practically abandoned him.

Eric’s mother on the other hand, Gintare, used to be a nurse back in Soviet Lithuania, and has lost her job after the hospital she worked at got shut down and demolished. She met Patrick in Lithuania, when he decided to visit the country to see how it is like after the fall of the Soviet Union and decided to move to Ireland and marry Patrick only after seeing him for just a week, although the marriage has been and still is, very stable. Due to Gintare’s experience in the medical field, Eric has always been fond of becoming a doctor sometime in the future.

Although he had a pretty normal childhood and early adulthood, Eric has found himself in many fights in his life, even having people attempt to mug him many times during his time in Liberty City, and always like a stubborn man he is, usually tried and stand up for himself, which usually got him beaten up or shot which is surprising to see him living to this day at this point.

Eric, after coming to a huge disagreement with his father, has decided to move out to Los Santos to seek for new opportunities and potentially settle down in the city permanently. Ever since moving to Los Santos, Eric has been pursuing a career in the medical field just like his mother, hoping for a stable income while also helping others out.

  • Eric can maintain his cool when being at gunpoint as he has been in these situations many times before.​
  • Due to his father training him self-defense and how to use weapons effectively, Eric knows how to handle various types of weaponry and is able to pickup a weapon and its ammo, and utilise it if it is necessary.​
  • Eric can give emergency medical treatment to others due to his background and being part of the EMS.​
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