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Players nickname
aki sixninez
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jul 3, 2021
Time of violation

Aki Pluxury

Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
Jun 2, 2021
when i took the call for the people dead in auto theft and when i arrived the the place there was no "ACTIVE GUNFIGHT"(as stated in rules for state 1.18)the person with id:27176 just stopped his car and pointed the gun at me and did fired 2 bullets (when the reviving animation has been already started) and asked me to stop reviving the people ,then i went to the second person to revive and as he said in his video proof at 00:25 i did not stop reviving the second person as there was "NO ACTIVE GUNFIGHT" ,there were 2 more persons i revived all 4 persons and took another call the this again came with one more person in his car and just car rammed me for some time because i did not listen to him and stopped reviving the people

and 1 more thing sir i this this person was also not part of the gunfight that took place before i arrived as he was wearing all black and the 3 persons i picked up were wearing 51% purple that means they were from balas.
this person saw me reviving then specially stopped the car and then pointed gun at me and told me to spot

sir i think there complete missuse of state of rules 1.18 as the whole event took place with "NO ACTIVE GUNFIGHT" and because of this i got 120minutes of demorgan .

fist like is my pov and the second link is suspects pov which i took from the thread 3977 he posted as i re recorded the video as the link he provided was not working anymore

(2nd link
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Melvin Lacoste

AKA lactose intolerant.
May 9, 2021
Please post this in the correct section in Punishment Appeals.
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