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Players nickname
aki sixninez
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jul 3, 2021
Time of violation

Aki Pluxury

Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
Jun 2, 2021
i was working in the ems and was takings calls so i took a call that was from gettho area and when i arrived at the destination i.e autotheft i saw two people dead ans there was no active GUN FIGHT GOING so i pressed my z muscle ( a red car arrived )the player has accepts this immediately , then the guy fron red car come out of his car and puts a gun on my head told me to stop reviving and did shot 2 bullets on the ground (during my ongoing animation). and then he left the area . the player i revived himself also said that this was a green zone they all were shot in and as the player with ID: 27176 said "AutoTheft is in fact a greenzone but we did not kill or shot into the said greenzone." This means the event (GUNFIGHT)which was going on earlier was not his fight . so he just saw my reviving going to revive the player then specially stop the car to point a gun at me . and if this was earlier his fight he shot in total 4 people in green zone he should be demorgan for that because he is admitting and after i revived all the people he then came vdming me on road while i was on duty.

in shot i am saying there was no active gunfight as stated in rule for state 1.18 , this guy randomly stops the car and point the gun at me which is rdm as i was on duty.

the rule clearly states that i can not revive people in active gunfight events and i did obbey the rule

his side of pov which i took from this thread (https://gta5grand.com/forum/threads/3977/)
as his link is no more whoking i re recorded so please clearly watch the starting and ending of clip ( watch starting and 0:30 clearly)


Melvin Lacoste

AKA lactose intolerant.
May 9, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Deny this report.​
  • Pointing a gun and shooting a warning shot into the ground is not RDM.​
  • In this scenario, you were threatened by them to stop reviving and proceeded to revive after shots had been fired right next to you.​

If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal
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