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Miss WhiteWind

Curator of the administration
Curator of the administration
May 8, 2021
Name: Miss Whitewind (born Lapenskiy Rubinoff) (1830)
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Date of birth: 30/01/1980
Nationality: Canadian
Place of Birth: Montreal, Québec (Canada)
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Father: Isaac Rubinoff. Mother: Maude Lafontaine
Height and weight: 174 cm / 65 kg
Body Type: Thin and very feminine
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark brown, Grey
Citizenship: Canadian / American
Personality: Introverted, quiet, goal-oriented, empathetic.
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, swimming.
Knowledge of languages: French, English.

Miss Whitewind was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Her father, a devout jewish man, tried to rule the household but it was her mother who was really wearing the pants in the family. Being an only child was hard on Miss Whitewind, as she was constantly being torn between her parents, trying to solve issues that didn't belong to her. Both her parents tried to buy her love and affection for her to be on their side. It was at that time that she took the decision to never be 'bought' one way or another. She was homeschooled for all of her childhood, then sent abroad to study in an all-female jewish highschool. She didn't like the communal life, as she was used to live alone. She was often seen going from group of girls to another, neither friend or foe. She was seen as the impartial one, with a great listening ear, always giving well-thought advice. By choice, she neved drank, smoke or did drugs. She came back at the age of 19, having earned a scholarship for a law degree in Universite de Sherbrooke, where she excelled. She practiced a few years as a private attorney and then met Mister Whitewind. They both fell in love quickly but they took their time to date, as they were both busy with their professional lives. The law practice of Miss Whitewind was soon acknowledged, her impartiality, her great knowledge of the law and their intricacies coupled with her natural empathy made her the most sought-after lawyer of her province.

Mister Whitewind got a fantastic offer and was asked to move to the USA, more precisely to Los Santos. Miss Whitewind agreed to leave her career behind and took the chance to start all over by studying the US laws and pass the US bar. She easily succeded and Mister and Miss Whitewind decided to open their law office in Los Santos where their practice touches many fields of law. A few months after its opening, Mister Whitewind and her thought it was the perfect time to start a family. Unfortunately, after many unsuccesful attempts, they seeked help from an OBGYN. Multiple tests were done on both sides, and they discovered that Miss Whitewind is barren. Devastated, Miss Whitewind got deep into depression and fell into a severe mutism for more than three years. She developped a strong sense of hearing after all that time spent listening instead of speaking. Mister Whitewind remained devoted to her and with time, and effort, Miss Whitewind emerged slowly from her major depressive episode. At that moment, he proposed to her and she accepted. They got married in Los Santos. She then plunged back into work, seeing it as her salvation.

Outcome :
1. She seldom speaks, exception made with her clients.
2. She is uncorruptible, therefore her words can never be doubted.
3. She has a fantastic hearing memory and can remember any voice, thus may identify people.
4. She can receive a lawyer licence for half the price.
5. She is always wearing her glasses with integrated body-cam, to insure her client's integrity and her own safety.

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