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Mr. Whitewind

Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator
May 8, 2021
Name: Mister Whitewind (born Rhadamanthe Whitewind) (1832)
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Date of birth: 30/11/1982
Nationality: Canadian
Place of Birth: Sherbrooke, Québec (Canada)
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Father: Zeus Whitewind
Mother: Europe Whitewind
Height and weight: 178 cm / 85 kg
Body Type: Athletic
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Citizenship: Canadian / American
Personality: Goal-oriented, straightforward, professional, honest
Hobbies: Fishing, motorsports, gym and library
Knowledge of languages: English, French and Russian.

Mister Whitewind was born and raised in Sherbrooke, Québec, in a family of famous historians. He spent his early years in wealth, being loved by his parents and having a great relationship with his siblings. His father did not only taught him work ethics but also shared with him his passion for fishing. His mother insisted that her kids have a sound mind in a sound body, so Mister Whitewind kept a healthy lifestyle ever since (he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs). At a young age, a doctor discovered that Mister Whitewind has a perfect hearing sense and a fantastic echoic memory. He was fortunate to receive an excellent education in a private school. He then easily entered Université de Sherbrooke law and economy faculties, which he graduated both degrees with honors, and was immediately invited to join the most prestigious law firm in Quebec. After only three years of practice, he was nominated for judgeship by the Ministry of Justice. He met Miss Whitewind for the first time in the Parliament's library and realised she was the woman of his life. After a whole year of courting the lady, they finally moved in together. Both being very busy with their own business lives, they decided to get married and have kids later in life. Known for his incorruptibility, Mister Whitewind received an offer from the government of Canada to become a Canadian ambassador in the USA, more precisely in the San Andreas area. Mister Whitewind chose to establish his office in Los Santos. Miss Whitewind agreed to follow him. He passed the US bar and they opened their law office.

Miss Whitewind and him tried to have children but as they learned, she is physically unable to carry a child. Mister Whitewind's deception was profound but his upbrigning taught him to get back up fast after such difficult events. As Miss Whitewind depression got worse, Mister Whitewind helped her as much as he could and decided to put his lawyer career on hold, thus closing their office for an undecided period of time. Meanwhile, he decided to study to keep his mind sharp and learn the russian language as well as developped a passion for motorsports. As Miss Whitewind's depression got to an end, he proposed to her and she accepted. They got married in Los Santos and they both resumed their law practice.

Outcome :
1. He is a professional lawyer, thus can have an unimpended access to PD, state prison and Capitol.
2. He has diplomatic immunity from being a Canadian ambassador, thus preventing him from doing any illegal activity.
3. He only need to hear a voice once and his echoic memory can have him identify people forever after.
4. He can receive a lawyer licence for half the price.
5. He is always wearing his glasses with integrated body-cam, to insure his client's integrity and his own safety.

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