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May 8, 2021
Name: Jason Steele
Gender: male
DOB: 8/15/1997
Nationality: American
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: Arkansas
Residence: Los Santos, Pillbox Hill
Parents ,Mother: Martha Steele, Father: Josaiah Steele
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215 lb
Body type: Muscular
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light Red

Jason was born in Arkansas and grew up in a small town where he met his life long friend, Jason Lee. The two were inseparable and earned a crew nickname of "JayJay". Jason's father, Josaiah, was one of the town's few mechanics and taught Jason how to maintain and repair cars. Because of his time in his father's garage, Jason developed a deep passion for fast cars and a nasty itch for street racing. When they turned 16, both Jason Steele and Lee were almost always found burning rubber down main street and usually with a police officer in tow. But despite having no regard for the speed limit, both boys learned very quickly how to "speed safely", as they liked to call it, and were usually given various hours of community service as punishment. The town loved them and often made a spectacle of their racing, which was why they were not punished more severely.

After graduating high school, "JayJay" both signed up with a humanitarian organization, Task Force Phoenix, that took contract work in the middle east. There, Jason Steele saw the darker side of humanity and was forced to mature much faster then the rest of his graduating class. Due to the extremely dangerous work, Jason was trained by US Army Special Forces while in Afghanistan in order to assist his team and soldiers assigned to protect him and his fellow contractors. Jason learned hand to hand combat, CQB tactics, and firearms handling while serving with Task Force Phoenix. Due to the nature of their work, both Jason Steele and Jason Lee were recruited into FIB, however Jason Steele was assigned to the main headquarters in Washington DC where he served for 3 years. After seeing the excitement brewing in Los Santos, Steele applied to transfer to Los Santos which was approved when his friend, Jason Lee, applied to transfer to DC.

However thanks to his time spent with DC politicians as well as the horrors he saw while working with Task Force Phoenix, Jason slowly stopped caring so much for his fellow man. While he often would tell people that he didn't enjoy arresting them, he found an almost sick pleasure in the power it brought him. This was especially true for hardened criminals being put away for extended periods of time. After moving to Los Santos, his desire for street racing returned and with it a love for money and luxury.

- Due to his time in active warzones, Jason Steele is rarely phased when guns are drawn and his life is threatened. He learned to accurately assess the situation and will not back down when a lone individual threatens his life.
- Jason Steele is proficient in hand to hand combat, allowing him to initiate a fight 1v1 even when his opponent has a gun leveled at him.
- Jason received firearms training from US Army Special forces while serving with Task Force Phoenix, making him very proficient with firearms and thus capable of fighting up to 3 people at a time in a gunfight.
- Due to his training from Task Force Phoenix, Jason Steele is trained in basic life support which was supplemented by training from FIB, allowing him to assist paramedics if they require and are safely able to do their job.
- Jason loves driving fast cars, but understands squeaky wheels get greased and thus will comply with law enforcement when asked to do so.
- Jason's newfound lust for money has tempted him to seek it no matter the cost. Regardless of the item, if he can come out on top in the deal, he will do so even if that means someone has to die.
- Because of his time spent in hostile environments, Jason will almost never be found without a firearm on him. This usually will be one of the best that can be acquired either legally or illegally.
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