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May 8, 2021
(Personal Bio, no Corruption)

Name: Koko Reyes (3861)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of birth: 11/24/1997
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Birth. Kyoto, Japan
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Satoru Mizuri. Mother: Ryoko Mizuri
Eye color: Light brown
Hair color: Black
Personality: Straight forward and upfront, always ready for actions and ambitious
Hobbies: Shopping, Taking walks

Koko Reyes was born in Kyoto, Japan as Kokoro Mizuri. A materialistic young girl, she would often spend her time in the red light districts working under the name of Koko Mizu to fund her obsession with trend shopping. She quickly learned the depraved nature of people but her greed was hard to satisfy, resulting in her partaking in situations that were much to her personal disadvantage, but provided her with very high income. When she was 19 years old, she was offered an opportunity to move to American through an online contact that offered her an immense amount of money for working as one of his call girls. She accepted the offer, blinded by her greed and legally became Koko Mizu when she arrived in the States. She had clearly been duped and was forced to work as her pimp took all her profits. Desperate to escape she tried to make enough money to buy out her pimp and with the help of a certain gang member who provided her with firearms, she successfully convinced her pimp at gun point to end her contract. She was so happy and began to spend more time around the gang who assisted her, but her happiness was short lived. They quickly turned on her, robbing her at gunpoint and then forcing her to be living bait for other gangs to set up traps for them. Again, miserable she tried to get help from authorities but when she went to go meet an officer discreetly, she was attacked and raped by him instead. She woke up alone and naked in a parking garage and was found by emergency responders who took her to the hospital, but no dna was found to catch the man who raped her.

As she was trying to find a ride from the hospital, she met Kevin Reyes who took her to get new clothes and bring her to her home. As they spent more time together, Koko fell in love with Kevin and she realized just how much others had been taking advantage of her. Upon moving to San Andreas with Kevin, they were married and she became Koko Reyes.

1. Koko is extremely distrustful of people and constantly has multiple body cams and recording devices available for use that automatically upload to the cloud.
2. Koko is absolutely loyal to her husband and will not provide evidence or testimony against him, and will invoke spousal privilege should it ever occur.
3. Koko has a warped sense of personal safety due to her experience as a victim of human trafficking and is willing to be assigned or take on high risk assignments with low personal safety for herself. She feels no remorse or empathy for setting up criminals and corrupt officials to expose their crimes.
4. She has extreme hatred for sexual predators and offenders and keeps a list of any that she encounters.
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