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uncle vadim

May 8, 2021
Name: Uncle Vadim Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Russian/Mexican
Age: 28 Dob: 1/04/1993
Body type: Slightly overweight, but masculine

Uncle vadim was born in Los Cabos (mexico) . His father was a Russian military man and his mother was a local from Los Cabos. Vadim spent his 20 years of life in Mexico with his mother. They lived in poverty, so he needed to hustle a lot to keep his mouth fed. After 20 years he decided to reunite with his father, he went to Russia. His father started training him and after 1 year Vadim got accepted into the Russian military. He was doing special missions for over 7 years, but newer forgot his husstle, the main thing was transporting large amounts of drugs from Mexico to Russia, he made a living on that. Later he decided to move to Los Santos. There he joined the army and worked up his position, but he is still hussling with drugs, but he never mixes his work and old habits. Army and drug husstle is completely separated.

Uncle Vadim will be able to shoot first in any situation when he thinks his life or morals are in threat, he got an itchy finger
Uncle Vadim will be able to sell and move drugs because of his way of growing up and old habits while he is not on duty
Uncle Vadim will be able to sell guns/ammo while he is not on duty(edited)

As my last bio was rejected to inappropriate name , I'm posting it again with explanation why the reject reason is absurd.

.1 Names must be realistic, relate to names in the real world, and cannot be used names of famous persons.

By the rules the name is acceptable, and if we start to relate it to IRL then there is no regulations etc that prohibit using name (uncle) as a legal name of person.

So please add changes to server rules or accept my biography with my in game name.
Not open for further replies.
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