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Fidayin Narek
May 18, 2021


May 11, 2021
Hello, earlier this month i made a mistake in where i insulted the administration and said some things that i did not mean to say. I was then banned for this as i needed time to think about my actions. I later made an appeal and it was accepted, in the response it said "Hello. After reviewing your appeal I made a decision to give you your LAST chance on this server. I will be monitoring you and your behavior. In the future, the punishment will be stricter and you will not get any chances. Hope you learned your lesson."

I just have a couple of questions on this response. I would really like to know why this is my "LAST chance on this server" when i really did apologise for my actions and this is the first significant thing i have ever done on the server and it will never be repeated again. In your response you highlight the word "last" i would just like to know does that mean next time if i break a rule by accident or break a really small rule i will be blacklisted? Like i said in my appeal, i am truly sorry for my actions that day and would really appreciate it if i was not on my "last chance" as every time i play the server i just feel like i cant play and have fun as i am in fear of being permanantely banned from a server i have put alot of time and money into all over one mistake.

Thank you for reading,
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