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Justin Yip

May 15, 2021
Name: Justin Yip
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: White
Nationality: American
Date of birth: 22/03/1999]
Place of Birth: Canada
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 185 cm
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond

Justin Yip was born in a tiny town in Canada, Known as fort Simpson. Larry his father, was a child molester, and his mother worked as a part-time nurse. Because Amy his mother, was the only source of income and his father was an aggressive alcoholic, he and his family always struggled financially. His mother wasn't the only one who had been abused; he had been a part of it as well. When they went fishing, his father attempted to drown and kill him, but he was unsuccessful because Justin was stronger than him at the time, so he fled. This inspired him to work out in secret every day in order to defeat his father and put an end to the abuse once and for all. Justin was smart from infancy, but he couldn't go to school owing to a lack of funds, but he didn't give up on his dream of joining the FIB. He used free resources to make himself more intelligent and got a scholarship to a local Naval Academy. This irritated his father. Larry was furious since he never wanted the best for Justin or Amy, so one night he tied Amy up and sexual assaulted her, causing her to die from all the abuse. This was it for Justin because his mother was the only person he cared about, and after witnessing the incident, he decided to take up for himself. Larry went to Justin and started to hit him but Justin was way too strong for him so as self-defence Justin knocked his father out, but his father died because he was too weak. Justin went to court and was judged as not guilty as it was self-defense. Justin took a break then he became a soldier for Naval Academy where he got a master’s degree in Criminology while being the best soldier in his regiment. His combat skills were in the top 5% and his grades were in the top 10%. A few years later he quit the army and to run away from the terrifying childhood memories he moved to Los Santos. Where he worked his way up in the FIB and became a 00 Agent .

1. Justin can torture/Interrogate/kill for information by using truth serum, even lawyers
2.Justin can use any weapon illegal or legal off duty and on duty
3. Justin can pay informants
4.Justin can sell illegal weapons that he picked up off gang/family members
5.Justin always has his bodycam in his Glasses recording the last twenty minutes to the cloud
6.Justin can let suspects go free if they're in his family and aid them in escaping
7.Justin can take bribes
8.Justin can threaten lawyers/people to get his way
9. Justin can smash and break body cams
10. Justin can remove criminals from the wanted list or reduce sentence


Magnes Haste

New to this
Deputy Chief Administrator
Jun 19, 2021
Outcome 1 you can only use truth serum twice per situation doing /try cmd, outcome 2 you cannot use org weapons for personal use, outcome 5 denied you still need to do rp commands to turn it on, outcome 10 must be randomized
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