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Haley Parker

The Silverhand
Sep 11, 2021
Name: Haley Parker
Father: Carlos Parker
Mother: Maria Mendoza
Race: Mixed
Height: 163cm
Weight: 55kg
Date of birth: 2000-02-16
Place of Birth: Washington
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Personality: Generous and Kind, but can also be very Rude and selfish.
Hobbies: Gambling and Drugs.
Haley Parker was born in the United States Of America, Precisely in Washington,DC! Assisted by her father Carlos Parker and her mother Maria Mendoza. Haley is a young female but with a long history in her childhood, Haley's father was someone that was really abusive towards Maria, someone that had drinking & drugs addictions, When it was bedtime every night Maria used to tell a bedtime story to Haley , this was before all the chaos started, Haley used to hear her father shouting at her mother and made her have anxiety and hard time to sleep, Every morning Haley was involved in fighting between her father and mother, she couldn't do nothing about it she was trying to calm everything down, but Carlos had a big addiction problem, everyday Haley was seeing her father doing cocaine and smoking weed, 1 day Haley came back home from school and no one was their, Haley was curious about everything that her dad was doing, so that day she started sneaking in her parents room, and found white powder hidden under the bed, Haley decided to take a little bit in the bag and bring it in her room, she hid it and kept it a secret and promised herself not to tell anyone about this, 1 week later after day & night of Haley hearing her parents fight she decided to go in her secret spot to get the bag of white powder, and was really curious about what her dad was taking so she decided to open her phone and check all types of drugs on google until she found the exact same thing that her dad was taking which was cocaine, she also checked videos about the effects of cocaine, and she was really curious to try it but was too scared so she putted it back at her secret spot, Next morning Haley wakes up and decides to bring the bag with her at school, she hides it all morning until its launch time and goes to see her friends and starts talking about it, her friend we're people that used to smoke cannabis so Haley felt really comfortable talking about this subject with them, no one believed Haley had cocaine with her, so they went at the bathroom and Haley took the bag out and showed them it, they we're all telling Haley to try it and that it doesn't do nothing so Haley did it, and felt totally like a different person, all the stress and anxiety that Haley had was gone when she took it, she felt like it was only her in a little world and for once she was happy and stress relief, Haley managed and did pretty good controlling the fact that she took this drug for the first time and was able to go back in class without no one noticing, After school her friends called her to go at the park and to bring some cocaine as they saw how Haley was and they we're all curious to try it, so Haley met up at the park with them, and her friends mentioned that she would love smoking weed as its something that would be ( good ) for her stress, so Haley smoked a joint with her friend and they decided to consume the cocaine, everyone was enjoying their time laughing and having fun Haley really felt good after all this time being stranded at home living this stressful life with her parents, she felt like this was her only way out of this situation.
Until 1 day Haley was at home watching a movie, and Maria cousin which is Haley's Uncle decided to go over after them having a long conversation, years after Haley decided to move to Los Santos with her Uncle that was in Federal Investigation Bureau, Haley knew that this was her chance to have a peaceful & healthy life. After being for 4 years living with her uncle, Haley graduated at the age of 18, and decided to pursue her studies in Police Academy, at the age of 20 Haley graduated from University and got hired at Los Santos Police Department after all her amazing knowledge and hard determination Haley went in the fib to follow her uncles career.
Haley Can torture/Interrogate/kill for information by using truth serum, even lawyers.
2. Haley Can remove criminals from the wanted list or reduce sentence.
3. Haley Can pay informants to benefit her and the organization.
4. Haley Can sell illegal weapons that she picked up off gang/family members.
5. Haley Can let suspects go free if they're in her family and aid them in escaping.
6. Haley Can take bribes.
7. Haley Can use any gun available, illegal or legal , on duty or off duty ( No org weapons will be used for personal reasons ).
8. Haley Can threaten lawyers/people to get her way.
9. Haley can kill people who are unconscious.
10. Haley Can smash and break bodycams.
11. Haley always has 360 degree bodycam on her Shoulder Pet ( Turned on with RP commands ).
12. Haley Can get criminals to work for her and she can pay them to do any illegal activity for her for example kidnapping someone and bringing her for Interrogation.
13. Haley Can arrest anyone who makes trouble with her and give the person in question fake charges ( with correct RP ).
14. Haley Can place tracker devices to suspects.
15. Haley Can use drugs on duty due to her history.
16. Haley Can Pickpocket people due to her history.
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