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Jun 23, 2021
Full name: Oben Ocleander
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Parents: Unknown
Height: 180
Body type: Athletic
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Personality: Two-faced, clumsy, prejudiced, self-concealing, pretending to be compatible, respectful to civillians

Oben was found abandoned near of a garbage container in Cyprus as a newborn.
Despite detailed searches, his mother was never found. The British Forces Social Work Service (BFSWS) has put the Oben under protection. After the age of 10, oben was adopted by the ocleander family.
He moved to the Los Santos with his adoptive family. Until this age, he grew up as a loveless, aggressive and crime-prone child. But he was hiding it in order to appear compatible. Oben continued his education in prestigious schools. His friendships dragged him into illegal situations, but he always got out of trouble thanks to his intelligence and talent. His stepfather was interested in guns, so he always practiced shooting with guns. When he was of suitable age, he decided to become a policeman. He passed the interviews with great success and started his job after completing his training in a short time. He was someone who would have given his life to protect the city, but his friends were his only real family.

  1. Oben is able to torture/Interrogate/kill for information by using truth serum, even lawyers
  2. Oben is able to smash and break bodycams
  3. Oben can let suspects go free if they're in her family and aid them in escaping
  4. Oben can remove criminals from the wanted list or reduce the sentence
  5. Oben will be able to sell illegal weapons that he picked up off gang/family members
  6. Oben can take bribes
  7. Oben will use any gun, illegal off duty
  8. Oben has his bodycam attached to her uniform recording the last five minutes to the LSPD cloud
  9. Oben can identify vehicles without plates via the Vehicle identification numbers found around the vehicle
  10. Oben will be able to work with informants to be able to pay for information or evidence
  11. Oben can go to the family house on his own to defend his family in a gunfight (off duty without org weapons)
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