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Rejected Davis Lawley | ID: 105709 | GOV Biography

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David Lawley

Jan 2, 2022
Full name: Davis Lawley
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of birth: 4th June 2000
Nationality: English
Place of birth: Wednesbury, England
Residence: Los Santos
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Wife: N/A
Height: 182cm
Body type: Athletic
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blue
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Dedicated, Social, Enthusiastic
Hobbies: Doing my job, Meditating, Spending time with good mates, Giving away money

Childhood: Davis as a child went through a traumatising experience, He lost both his mother and father at just the age of 1, They were assassinated as he was told by the police when he reached a more suitable age ever since Davis was told he has been hunting for the murderer ever since. When Davis reached the age of 18 he was told by the police they believe the murderer had flown to Los Santos so it was out of their control, this angered Davis so he decided he would take the matter into his own hands and search for the murderer who killed his parents. Davis had a plan when moving he knew that If he wanted to successfully find out who killed his parents he must become a part of an organisation which had the power to help him do so.

Moving into the city: When Davis reached the city he was amazed with all the opportunities which could be provided there but he still never took his eye of finding the murderer, first of all he knew he needed to make some friends who in the future may potentially help him track down the man who murdered his parents, whilst doing this he also realised he spent all his savings getting to the city so he began looking for a job and ended up landing as a Electrician but it didn't feel right and he didn't feel as though he was enjoying the job and wanted to do more. At this point Davis come up with a great idea to attempt to join Law Enforcement so he joined the organisation called SAHP, although Davis had been in SAHP multiple times for multiple days he also knew that therefore he went to join the government ...

Time in GOV/SS: Davis had applied for a job in the Secret service but at first he got denied and he was told to go join the DOC Department which was working as a Prison guard, he began working in DOC and found out he really enjoyed the people who worked there with him he finally started to see people as his family which he never had so after that Davis transferred to SS and within the years that he has been there he is now 21 he has became very important within the SS gaining a role which he would never see imaginable in addition to this he has grown great bonds and feels as though he finally has a family this relieves Davis as he finally has found people who he can love and who love him back which unfortunately he never had. Throughout Davis time within SS he had been using a lot of the skills he had gained over the years throughout the city to interrogate suspects who he believed may have been suspects to who may have killed his parents, Davis had to use extreme activities to get all the information out of these suspects Davis had to result in torturing the suspects as he was so determined to find out who called his parents, Davis knows that he will do these sorts of things in the future if needed to protect his family. Davis has now began to forget about the past and isn't thinking about avenging his parents at this specific data but he knows he will catch him in the future, In addition to this Davis knows that he will do absolutely anything for his new family no matter what the circumstances are.


1. Davis will do absolutely anything for his family at Government no matter if legal or illegal
2. Davis knows how to administer truth serum
3. Davis has an imbedded micro camera inside of the lenses of his glasses that uploads to secure servers
4. Davis will take extreme action if his state is threatened
5. Davis will lie to protect the state if required
6. Davis will attempt to resolve matters in a more civilised way before taking action


Floki Vilgeroarson

Senior Administrator
Jun 19, 2021
Outcome 2 you are limited to 2 /try per situation, outcome 3 you still need to do rp commands to turn it on, outcome 5 you still need to fear rp
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