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Dec 16, 2021
Name: Anvyy Antony
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: White
Nationality: Qatar
Date of birth: 05/02/2000
Place of Birth: Doha
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 190 cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Strengths: skilled shooter, skilled driver and good with money
Weakness: Supports his family & Supports his friends

Anvyy Antony was born in Qatar to a Rich family. After his Father died , He was raised to Kill as well as help manage the family business to flourish . Before his father died, His father thought him to use a gun properly after practices he became really good at it . When he turned 18 he managed to get his licensees and took more responsibilities for the family starting with transporting Illegal guns and Armor. He started getting huge profits from the business and he made his family more rich than ever , After few years he became really go with automatic assault rifles and heavy Sniper's .

Anvyy Antony started to take kills for money and he became really good at taking kills , after sometime he got bored of killing people and police in his city became more powerful and started to track him down and he was caught by the police and he was questioned for many days and he fell in love with a officer and both them fell in love soo much that both of them was ready to die for each other, 1 day the officer released him and to said him to flee the country with her help she managed to flee the city .

He was sure when he flees the city he wont be able to see his love forever and he made his hardest decision in his life for the the safety of his Love , so he wanted a change he had Friends in Los Santos he decided he would go there for a change. Once he arrived in Los Santos he got in contact with one of his Friends who was the at the time. His friends helped Anvyy clear his record and asked him to join LSPD as he could use Anvyy's unique set of skills.

Now Anvyy is Major of Detectives In LSPD working as a undercover agent
- Anvyy is able to torture/Interrogate/kill for information by using truth serum, even lawyers
- Anvyy can remove criminals from the wanted list or reduce sentence
- Anvyy will be able to work with informants to be able to pay for information or evidence
- Anvyy will be able to sell illegal weapons that he picked up off gang/family members
- Anvyy always has his bodycam in his Glasses recording the last five minutes to the cloud
- Anvyy can let suspects go free if they're in his family and aid them in escaping
- Anvyy can take bribes
- Anvyy will use any gun , illegal or legal , on duty or off duty
- Anvyy He can cuff people while off duty (we cant because of script so he can use Try command twice /try cuffs the person beside)
- Anvyy Can Wear any mask and accessories on Duty
- Anvyy Can hear people with distinct voices and recognize them through a mask.
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